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Topic: Spin Mag top bands of all time. Return to archive Page: 1 2
01-10-02 12:36 PM
Maxlugar I'm so visibly shaken about this that I can't say anything but the basics:

The Stones are 9th.

Right behind Public Enemy (8th).

But right infront of the Beastie Boys (10th).

Oh, and of course, those pussy's from Liverpool are #1.

Parliment Funkadelic, Ramones and Nirvana all beat the Stones.

I know its Spin Mag but really now!

01-10-02 12:39 PM
sandrew I saw that - in a word, laughable. They live in an alternative universe; that's the only possible explanation.
01-10-02 12:45 PM
nankerphelge I saw it too and I think it pretty much sums up the integrity and relevance of Spin.

It also does not mention Spingsteen (not that I am a fan, but he should show up somewhere on the list).

I think Spin is staffed with labotomized chimpanzees.
01-10-02 03:24 PM
hayo 9th!
Is this a joke?
01-10-02 04:51 PM
Cardinal Ximinez First off, Bruce won't be on that list because he's a solo artist....this list is for BANDS.

Secondly, think about Spin Magazine's lifespan. In the space of time that there has been a Spin, all of the bands listed ahead of the Stones have been bigger, and more relevant. The Beatles have made more money from record sales, and had more number 1 records than the Stones...and they haven't been a real band since 1970!

Look at the numbers. All of those bands listed ahead of the Stones sold way more albums than the Stones did. I'm surprised that the Stones made the top 10 at all.

Spin's lifespan does not take in anything before Undercover. So their "all-time" isn't the same as, say, Rolling Stone Magazine's is.

Besides, who gives a fuck what Spin says. WE know what the real deal is.
01-10-02 04:56 PM
nankerphelge Okay -- the E-streeter didn't make it. I don't listen to them -- but they are certainly worthy of a spot on the list over Public Enema
01-10-02 04:57 PM
Mathijs I think it’s the Stones’ own fucking fault –only hardcore fans know about how they were in the 70’s, only the hardcore fans know about L&G, about the 1969 tour, about the crazy 1978 tour. Due to the Stones not releasing ANYTHING, due the Stones completely denying anything they did with Mick Taylor or Brian Jones –that’s why the Stones are now known for “Paint it Black, that’s from the Tour Of Duty TV series – Satisfaction, o yeah from that Mars bar add”. The Stones? I know, they have these mega shows with inflatable dolls, and they played Satisfaction!

Why don’t they fucking release anything from there back catalogue –L&G on DVD, Handsome Girls in a neat box set, an anthology series –and then the people from Spin will remember that Jagger did something more in his life but knocking up Brazilian models, and that Richards is actually something more than “a warned up corps” (ha ha ha….).


The Rollling Stones in Review

The Lowdown on the Guitars of Keith Richards
Bootleg Reviews
Brussels Affair 1973
Vinyl Gang Productions / The Swingin' Pig
01-10-02 05:22 PM
winter amen brother
01-10-02 05:32 PM
Gazza >I think it’s the Stones’ own fucking fault –only hardcore fans know about how they were in the 70’s, only the hardcore fans know about L&G, about the 1969 tour, about the crazy 1978 tour.

>Why don’t they fucking release anything from there back catalogue –L&G on DVD, Handsome Girls in a neat box set, an anthology series

yeah but as much as WE would love that - only the hardcore fans would give a shit about it. casual fans arent going to shell out for boxed sets or DVD's of 25-40 year old live shows and studio leftovers

anyway - 9th??? Shit Maxy,me old mate - what was that you said about the UK press not givin the Stones any respect?? Looks like some of the American ones still have to see the light too!! LOLROTF
01-10-02 07:52 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I'm telling you, you guys are getting worked up about NOTHING! Spin is a NEW music magazine. It has nothing to do with "classic rock". Just look at the criteria that was used, fer frig sake. Like I said before, I'm surprised that The Stones even made the top 10. This is nothing to get worked up about.
01-11-02 07:24 AM
Maxlugar Ximy! It IS something to be worked up about. Let me rephrase what this list was called. It was Spin magazines top INFLUENTIAL artists of all time.

Led Zeppelin was THREE! Holy shit! Parliment Funkadelic and the Ramones sold more that the Stones in the 15 or so years? Shit, who cares about records sales? The Stones have grossed more than anyone else in concert sales for like 20 years.

I'll give the Beatles credit and say they should be number one due to the way they changed the whole concept of a band writting their own stuff but there is no way in the world the Stones shouldn't be number two if we are talking about influential artists. The Stones transformed the whole live act of a Rock and Roll outfit. Ah, I'm wasting time preaching to the choir. You guys know it.

Help me Lord!

I do agree that the Stones have not been good at keeping their legend alive though. It is probably too late but all along things like L&G and Handsome Girls should have been out there.

It gets me mad when they don't get their due. But I guess it shouldn't.

01-11-02 08:39 AM
Mathijs Further to my previous posting –I DO agree with spin about the Stones not being really influential, and therefore not ranking very high in the top ten of INFLUENTIAL bands. Of course the Ramones sold less albums, but they did start (almost single-handedly) a whole new genre –namely punk. Led Zeppelin hasalways been a major influence to musicians, and guitar players specifically. Public Anemy started a bit of a revolution with their new gangsta rap music (which we still suffer from). The Stones, in my opinion, have always been the greatest Rock and Roll band in the world, but they haven’t inspired a younger or newer generation to pick up the music and develop it into something new (maybe the Sex Pistols did, but that wasn’t really meant as a compliment…). However, other or newer bands did have a tendency to COPY the Stones –like the Black Crowes – and these bands are slaughtered because they are “ not original”.

Last, I do stand behind my opinion it is also their own fault –how can you be inspiring when you don’t have product to offer? How can the 1972 tour be an inspiration, when it is absolutely forgotten, except for 100 maniacs on message boards?

The Rolling Stones in Review

The Lowdown on the Guitars of Keith Richards
Bootleg Reviews
Brussels Affair 1973
Vinyl Gang Productions / The Swingin' Pig
01-11-02 09:54 AM
Lacride Never heard about Spin Mag!
01-11-02 12:19 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Maxy....

You are right about the of the criteria was how much influence a band had on current music. And this is according to Spin Magazine. Now, please list for me, as many "current" bands as you can that the Stones have influenced, or that have stated that they were influenced by the Stones. I'm betting the list is rather short. The Stones have almost ZILTCH to do with current music. Let's do an experiment. I'm gonna list a bunch of bands that are current, and big with the kids these days, and let's see if we can see any of the Stones influence...

Kid Rock....Well, he might SAY that the Stones are a big influence on him, but I'd say that was more lifestyle-wise than musically.

Sum-41....Nope. None here. Spawned by the Ramones and the Clash.

Blink 182...See Sum-41

NSync...Nope. Jackson 5 with no instrument playing.

Destiny's Child...Nope. Mo-Town all the way.

Limp Bizkit...Nope. Metallica and Public Enemy.

Snoop Dogg...OK if you can find any Stones in this shit, I'd like to hear it.

Backstreet Boyz...See NSync.

Outkast....See Snoop.

Nine Inch Nails...More inspired by Eisenstraud Nuebaum and Nosferatu than anything else.

Red Hot Chili Peppers....Stevie Wonder, Paliment, Sex Pistols, even Dylan...but no Stones.

So you see where I'm going with much as WE love the Stones, they really have very minimal impact on today's "new" music. And "new" music is what Spin is supposedly all about. We are throwbacks Maxy. And quite frankly, we're out of touch with what the current music scene is all about. I freely acknoledge this. I don't WANT to be in touch with the current music scene....frankly it sucks. Who in their right mind would WANT to be deemed as current. So take Number 9 as a compliment.
01-11-02 01:05 PM
Maxlugar I don't think a list of all time influential groups needs to have influenced the bands of the moment. The Stones have influenced many who have come and gone already along the way.

The Rolling Stones are the template for just about all of todays Rock and Roll. If not for the Stones, they'd all be wearing the same suits and sitting still while they strum their guitars and sing.

The Rock and Roll lifestyle and rowdiness that is STILL part of the rock and roll scene was largely brought about by them.

I don't care if these idiots LIST the Stones as their influence. They were without them even knowing it.

The Stones molded and chiseled rock and roll into something a lot more long lasting than any band. EVER!

And if you listen to some of these idiots, the bands that they list as their influences, were in turn influenced by the Stones. This doesn't just mean the music.

Does anyone really think Led Zeppelin wasn't influenced by the Stones? Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones kept their eyes wide open when working with them. The Who? Shit yeah.

It all gets traced back to the blues and country and what band used those two forms within their Rock and Roll the most effective? Why, none other than the Rolling Stones.

I'm worked up about this. I'll be drinking heavily soon.
01-11-02 04:19 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Spin's criteria again. You'll see that one of the criteria is how much a band influenced current bands. Disagree all you want, but musically speaking, the Rolling Stones have influenced almost NO ONE on the current music scene. Perhaps Dave Matthews, and Cheryl Crow. The Black Crowes, obviously, but they just broke up and don't count anymore. And read the very last criteria...and it's the most telling one....bands that they hold most dear. You think any of the peckersnots that write for Spin give 2 shits about the Stones? Fuck no. They wouldn't know Rock music, or an influence if it smacked 'em in the face with a shovel.

All I'm saying is that you have to consider the source. The source is bullshit, so the result is bullshit.
01-11-02 04:57 PM
hayo Okay it is only SPIN and not for example the excellent MOJO.
But the stones are indeed a minor (sadly) influence on today's bands.
I do agree strongly with Mathijs in that the stones themselves are also to blaim
for the lack of "artistic credebility" these days (stadium shows with large inflatable dolls, etc.)
And the fact that NEVER a decent re-issue policy for their body of work has being undertaken does also mean
no serious interest from the (musical)press and the greater public in general.
I hope I'm not repeating Mathijs too much!
But anyway that is the way I look at it.


01-11-02 07:17 PM

so the STONES have no influence you say???
01-11-02 08:39 PM
Cardinal Ximinez I happen to agree with you on your statement of:


But unfortunately, you & I are a very small segment of the population.

The Rolling Stones at one time HAD massive influence in the world of music. However, NOW is not that time. I would like to see a list of current, popular bands that have been noticably influenced by the Stones. I come up with Cheryl Crow. Who else? Dave Matthews? That's a stretch, but let's go with it. So here we go.

Cheryl Crow
Dave Matthews

Please add anyone else that you can think of.
01-11-02 09:09 PM
The Eggman Black Crows...RIP
01-11-02 10:44 PM
Cardinal Ximinez That's it? The Black Crowes? A band that doesn't exist anymore? Who else is out there STILL making music that The Stones me out here. I came up with 2 artists, and I hit the wall. You say the Stones still have influence, so who else is there? I must be missing TONS of "artists" who have been influenced by The Stones, who are they?
01-11-02 11:58 PM
Happy Motherfucker I have to agree with Max on this one. Yeah, it's not apprent on the surface that the Stones influenced these new bands but, without the Stones and all the other bands that have been around before them, who would be their influence? The Stones started it up years ago, and all the great bands that has followed since then has had a great impact on today's music. It's evolution man! Whether these guys are rating this thing as a direct influence or not, is meaningless. The Stones created "The Rock'n Roll band" in the truest sense of the term. EVERY band that has followed takes a little bit of that from them. If they choose not to acknowledge it, that is there business. But, the truth is the truth and anybody with any brains in the music business will tell them the same. Maybe Keith just needs to bash them over the head with his guitar one time, what'cha think!
01-12-02 05:47 AM
Mathijs If you look good (and strech it a bit), there are influences to be found:

Ryan Adams (Gram Parson/Keith maniac)
The Strokes (hottest NY band)
Stereophonics (Faces/glam Stones fans)
Aerosmith (started as a Stones cover band, and Tyler wished he was Jagger)
Blur (Keith fans -maybe not big in the US)
Pearl Jam (guitarists are major Ron Wood fans, and you can hear that)

And let's not forget the biggest band: Guns and Roses. Izzy Stradlin wanted to for a band like the Stones, only better, and he is a major Wood fan (wood even joined them onstage about 10 times to play Honky Tonk Women). Slash is majorly influenced by Mick Taylor. There debut was clearly influenced by the rawness of the Stones, mixed with some 70's british punk.

Turd, I am 27 -I know what you mean. As I said –the Black Crowes were to me the closest to the real thing: of course I would have loved to see the Stones in ‘72 or ‘75, The ‘Zepp in 1975, The Faces in ’72, Bowie as Ziggy, but as 70’s rock is really dying (the resurrection of about 1987/89 with bands like the Crowes, GnR annd Lenny Kravitz is now truly over) the Crowes were the last band to keep the memory alive. The clothes, the guitars (Rich is the last great player to play Zemaitis guitars, other than Ron Wood!) I remember clearly what I thought when saw them in a private club in ‘97 with about 200 people: damn this what good–how I whished to see the Stones in 1972….

The Rollling Stones in Review

The Lowdown on the Guitars of Keith Richards
Bootleg Reviews
Brussels Affair 1973
Vinyl Gang Productions / The Swingin' Pig

01-12-02 12:26 PM
Cardinal Ximinez >>If you look good (and strech it a bit), there are influences to be found:

Ryan Adams (Gram Parson/Keith maniac)<<

OK, I'll give you that one.

>>The Strokes (hottest NY band)<<

I can't hear it.

>>Stereophonics (Faces/glam Stones fans)<<

They may be fans, but I don't hear it in the music.

>>Aerosmith (started as a Stones cover band, and Tyler wished he was Jagger)<<

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting about them (on purpose). There was certainly a big influence when they started in the 70's but I think that has long since faded.

>>Blur (Keith fans -maybe not big in the US)<<

Whaaaa? Again, they may be fans, but their music lies more in the Beatles sphere of influence than the Stones.

>>Pearl Jam (guitarists are major Ron Wood fans, and you can hear that)<<

I've seen PJ live a couple of times when they first broke out. You really have to stretch on this one. I'll give it to you just on the fact that they use the guitar weave well. But honestly, I think the Stones influence is minimal here. Also, they aren't really at the forefront of the music scene anymore.

>>And let's not forget the biggest band: Guns and Roses. Izzy Stradlin wanted to for a band like the Stones, only better, and he is a major Wood fan (wood even joined them onstage about 10 times to play Honky Tonk Women). Slash is majorly influenced by Mick Taylor. There debut was clearly influenced by the rawness of the Stones, mixed with some 70's british punk.<<

I'm not counting this one because they are not a current recording band, same with the Black Crowes.

So let's tally this up...

Dave Matthew Band
Ryan Adams
Pearl Jam

Any more?

Maxy & Happy Mofo...

I hear ya, but if you are gonna use that logic then you have to say that if it wasn't for Chuck Berry and Elvis, there would not have been a Rolling Stones. Ergo, Chuck and Big E were more influential than the Stones.

01-12-02 02:07 PM
Happy Motherfucker Yeah, that's right, if It had'nt been for Chuck and Elvis, there would have been no Stones. But, I guess we're talking about bands here.
01-12-02 08:31 PM
The Eggman Chuck and Elvis

They go a bit depper than that!!!
01-12-02 08:56 PM
Miss U. Check out


The answer my friends is blowin in the wind.
01-12-02 09:22 PM
The Eggman HEY! Brian Jones played the kazoo and the banjo?

WOW gees in my book Brian Jones can now run laps around Mick Taylor with those mad skills

01-13-02 12:28 AM
Nasty Habits This is going to be a long post. Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds.

Before moving into esoterica, here's a couple more bands I think might qualify for the Stones' continued influence in modern music, at Spin level coverage saturation:

1. Wilco
2. Beck

And maybe the Bottle Rockets. Does Spin cover the Bottle Rockets? Giant Sand. Pavement. Royal Trux. Are those Spin bands? I think they used to be, but Spin moved . . .
Do Aerosmith still count?

The problem is that yes, the Stones = Rock and Roll. Unless I am completely mistaken, there is absolutely no large market for real rock and roll music in America today. The kids don't want it. The grownups are too tired to deal with it. And everybody else just wants to take ecstasy and rave. Nobody has the time or the energy to go to the necessary sleazing about that it takes to live the rock and roll lifestyle --it's just too impractical. And lazy. Wild times in a club with a rock and roll band? Ugh! Too smoky, and now my ears hurt! Plus those people look so stupid when they dance! The mix was bad! How can I dance with somebody when I really just want them to back the fuck off, ok, I'm a little edgey? Rock and roll is just too gnarly and physical for our nervous new year.
In that sense, I agree with the people saying, "Look, SPIN magazine wrote this article to reflect the times. It took, like 36 hours of coffee binging and concocting convoluted lies to write the whole thing, and then they patch a special cover on it. It's not like it's a major scholarly research project that Spin magazine has been conducting for the last 15 years. The fact that the Stones are ninth is both a sign of the waning influence of the guitar as a motivator for shaking ass and a byproduct of willfully turning your band into the McDonald's of rock and roll." The people who said that are right on, for the most part.
Fortunately the Stones still have an influence on today's music, it's just that that music is mostly underground, just about two or three levels of culturalogical rock and roll strata below Spincapable radar.
The Rolling Stones at their best were the very spirit of rock and roll, and if you play rock and roll, you forever swim in their wake. The bands below are all making excellent, at least partially-Stones inspired music.

1. The White Stripes - Detroit blues duo.

Covered "Stop Breakin' Down". "Hotel Yorba", on the new album sounds like a country rocker circa Let It Bleed/Sticky Fingers. Albums on Sympathy for the Record Industry and XL.

2. The Demolition Doll Rods - Detroit Rock and Roll Trio

Released "Walkin' the Dog" and "Down Home Girls" covers heavily indebted to Stones versions. Cover "Stray Cat Blues" in concert. Best album is "Tasty" with the song "Come Out of the Rain", a slow Sticky style country number that royally rips and could be covered by the Stones. Guitarist Danny Doll Rod has got some serious Keith mojo. Albums on In the Red Records and Matador.

3. Detroit Cobras - Detroit (once again) r&b r&r.

Five piece + keyboard lineup w/hyper sexualized lead singer playing rocked up, rearranged classic tunes by Solomon Burke, Irma Thomas, and Otis Redding to name but a few. Somewhat reminiscent of the Rolling Stones. Two albums on Sympathy for the Record Industry.

4. New Bomb Turks - Snotty Ohio punk rock and roll

Did a great cover of "Summer Romance". Show strong influence in the songwriting department in particular. Major Stones fanatics and bootleg collectors. Records on Crypt Records and Epitaph.

5. Lazy Cowgirls - California anthemic country/garage punk

1996 album "Ragged Soul" sounds like mid-70s Stones gone on speed instead of junk. Tight but loose and very fast.

6. Oblivians/Compulsive Gamblers/Reining Sound - Memphis roots punk

Greg, Jack and Eric Oblivian, in their various incarnations, have preached variations on the Rolling Stones Gospel of Rauchy Rock and Roll for the last decade. Probably reached the peak of their sound with the Compulsive Gambler's amazing "Bluff City" record -- the Tattoo You of the 90s. Records on Sympathy for the Record Industry and Crypt.

7. Deadly Snakes - Canadian All-American Rock and Roll

Big band Stones punk. Organ, Trumpet and Sax and a muddy mix brings on that special "Exile" feeling especially on their debut, Love Undone, on Sympathy for the Record Industry. 2nd record on In the Red.

I can't imagine a time when people won't listen to Rolling Stones records and want to play rock and roll because of them. Young guitar players will always cop Keith's licks. Frontmen can't help but cop Jagger. It's hard to write a rock and roll song not somehow influenced by the Jagger/Richards formula -- they wrote that fucking book. But in a land of pop music, techno, hip hop, sexless constipated chant metal and whatever the hell else sells to Spin's demographic, tongue wagging rock and roll couldn't matter less at the moment.
01-13-02 12:10 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Wow Nasty, I thought I was the only one here who knew about the Sympathy For The Recording Industry label.

I LOVE the Det. Cobras. The White Stripes are pretty cool too.

But these bands will never get their due. They play Rock and Roll music. The kids just don't wanna Rock 'n Roll all nite and every day anymore....they fucking rap, and hip the hop.

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