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Iquitos, Perú 1981
Photo by René Pinedo with thanks to Cucho Peñaloza (*)

During the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"
(*) Stay tuned for a preview of Cucho's forthcoming book about the Stones in South America
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Topic: STEEL d'ya rate this one?? Return to archive
01-09-02 10:25 PM
GlimmerTwin steel wheels get'san awful lot of slagging but for me,it's a damn good stones record.It's light years ahead of dross like "undercover" and the truly awful "emotional rescue". "slipping away","almost hear you sigh" and "break the spell" would have graced any stones album with thier prescence I think.The first 4 tracks on side 1 have great grooves and are the sound of a band rediscovering themselves again. it's no classic,but it's a damn good effort..with flashes here and there of brilliance! What d'y'all think o' that??
01-10-02 02:12 AM
Jane Wyman I totally agree with this comment. Continental Drift is one of their best efforts to do something different. Great song!!!
01-10-02 10:58 AM
sandrew "Slipping Away" - love that song, although the version on "Stripped" is superior, I think, because of Keith's passionate vocal ...
01-10-02 11:18 AM
winter I concur on slipping away - great tune. Almost hear you sigh is excellent. There are a number of other good tunes, but I never really got into rock in a hard place. To me mixed emotions was the better of the two singles. Terrifying and Blinded by Love are worth noting.
01-10-02 11:30 AM
sandrew Worth noting, or nothing? "Terrifying" is overproduced Mick/Matt Clifford nonsense, but "Blinded by Love" is kind of a cool tune - great Mick/Keith harmonies and clever lyrics.
[Edited by sandrew]
01-10-02 12:29 PM
Joey Steel Wheels is a great album . It was the Rolling Stones " Comeback " album after the abysmal " Dirty Work . " And the tour that followed ......what can I say ????? Marvelous .

Your young Joey saw his first Stones concert at the Steel Wheels gig of October 7th , 1989 in Ames Iowa . Sixty Thousand strong cheering so loud , I thought me ears might have PSH ( Permanent Shift of Hearing ) afterwards .

Oh the glory....

The glory......
01-10-02 01:03 PM
winter sandraw:

that was worth noting - I like both tunes

01-10-02 01:04 PM
winter sandrew:

sorry for the typo in your name -
01-10-02 06:44 PM
sway Steel Wheels is too overproduced for my tastes but does contain some great songs. This tour was my first Stones show too at the L.A. Coliseum. Got to see Eric Clapton jam with the guys on Little Red Rooster and watch Axl Rose throw a hissy fit. I thought GnR sucked that night but the Stones blew me out.
01-10-02 07:25 PM
Gazza "Continental Drift" has been one of my top five or six Stones songs ever since the moment I first heard it. A real jaw dropper and a slap in the face to anyone who thought they were a bunch of has beens livin on past glories and bereft of fresh ideas.

"Almost Hear You Sigh" is a masterpiece. One of Mick's most moving ever vocals.

"Slipping away" is also in my top 30 ever Stones songs. Keith's singing on the last verse (especially the "be round soooon" line) is one of the best vocal performances of his career

Those 3 songs are far & away the best things on it. I think its a bit slick and overproduced in parts,but i still think its a fine album. Considering most of us never thought we'd see another Stones album,its one whose release brings back a lot of good memories. The tour that followed was awesome too - although with hindsight I think they improved on it with the VL and BTB tours, but at the time seeing the Stones on a stage again and on THIS form was a sight to behold.
01-10-02 08:04 PM
Nasty Habits Here's the problem with Steel Wheels: It doesn't have one decent rocker on it. Everything (rightly) cited on this thread as being of quality is a ballad, or whatever 'Continental Drift' and "Break the Spell" are. But the rockers on the record are among the most uptight, un-tongue wagging things the band ever released. Sad Sad Sad, Mixed Emotions, Hold on to Your Hat, Hearts for Sale, Rock and a Hard Place, even Can't Be Seen -- all of those songs lack the great natural get down that makes the Stones supreme. Almost Hear You Sigh and Break the Spell are great. Continental Drift only gets better with age. Blinded by Love is an interesting first run through on an idea that would be much improved with Sweethearts Together. Slipping Away is an extremely well written song (especially the "first the sun and then the moon" bit). But the rock songs suck. And as just about the only Rolling Stones album without a great rock song on it, it just doesn't make it. Cook Cook Blues rules, though.
01-10-02 10:36 PM
JaggaRichards A lot better than 'Emotional Rescue' or 'Undercover'.
01-11-02 04:45 AM
F505 Mediocre album. Outstanding tracks are Continental Drift and Almost hear you sigh. Mixed Emotions ia OK.

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