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Iquitos, Perú 1981
Photo by René Pinedo with thanks to Cucho Peñaloza (*)

During the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"
(*) Stay tuned for a preview of Cucho's forthcoming book about the Stones in South America
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Topic: The greatest Stones ballad is? Return to archive
01-09-02 09:50 AM
CocaBuena Still in my Black and Blue phases, i think Memory Motel the most beautiful Stones ballad. Opinions, please?
Also, what means "the rose of San Antone" in Texas?
Thanks for any explanation
01-09-02 10:15 AM
Joey " Time Waits For No One " is the greatest .

Too bad we never got to hear that one live with Mick Taylor .

Have they ever played that live ??????
01-09-02 10:32 AM
sandrew For my money, "Waiting on a Friend" is their best ballad. No, they never played "Time Waits for No One"; or "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" - two of Taylor's best moments.
01-09-02 11:04 AM
Mathijs Coming Down Again and How Can I Stop are great, Waiting On A Friend is great, and I can sob when I hear Blood Red Wine..

Why do people consider Can't You Hear Me Knocking a TAYLOR classic? This song is 99 % Keith riffing hard, with Charlie and Bill at their best. Taylor adds some simlple rythm guitar and a nice solo, but that solo isn't really a master peace -or am I wrong?

01-09-02 11:34 AM
Joey Correct me if I am wrong , but they played " Can't you hear me knocking ? " live during a couple of dates during the B2B tour ....or was it No Security ?????

Right ?????


01-09-02 11:39 AM
winter Winter is the greatest stones ballad, followed closely by All About You (best Keith tune).

As for can you hear me knocking, I actually thought that the Stones have never played it live.

The Black Crowes did an excellent cover in Boston back in October, probably worth picking up on boot if its available (they also played time will tell (the Marley classic covered on their first album)
01-09-02 12:50 PM
Nasty Habits "The rose of San Antone" is probably a reference to the classic western swing performer Bob Wills, whose song San Antonio Rose virtually started the entire genre. San Antonio Rose refers to a girl (named Rose?) from San Antonio that Wills (in the vocal version, New San Antonio Rose), looks forward to visiting. So it's yet another girl on the road that Mick can spent some time together with.

As far as my favorite Stones ballad -- it's probably "No Expectations" or "Let It Loose". "Blood Red Wine" is a really good choice. That's a larvely toon . . .
01-09-02 12:51 PM
luxury1 WInter kills me when you can hear Mick breathe. BTW Waiting on a Friend was my wedding song (I know, how corny), and I think it is more a samba than a ballad.
01-09-02 01:01 PM
Happy Motherfucker You said "last great ballad" Already Over Me" from BTB, that was a pretty damn good one. I guess my favorite would have to be "Wild Horses".
01-09-02 01:36 PM
moy what about sleep tonight, a great ballad also as tears go by
01-09-02 01:56 PM
winter As for other unreleased tunes, I also really liked sweethearts together, but I'm not sure it qualifies as a ballad.

Favorite stones ballads that were singles

1. almost hear you sigh
2. wild horses
3. memory motel
4. as tears go by
5. angie
6. out of tears
01-09-02 02:00 PM
winter One last thought, If moonlight mile qualifies as a ballad, it's got to be near the top of the list - love the lyrics.
01-09-02 02:05 PM
Joey " Almost Hear you Sigh " was the Stones last great single .

It is a beautiful song......." Silky smooth like wine . "

01-09-02 02:25 PM
sway Winter is my personal fav. It's a shame we'll never get to hear them play it live unless of course they wise up and kick Woody over to bass and beg Mr. Taylor to rejoin. Perhaps then we'll get to hear them play the songs off of Exile and Sticky Fingers properly not to mention Can't You Hear Me Knocking (whose jam is so splendid thanks to MT), Time Waits For No One and others.
01-09-02 02:50 PM
nankerphelge I agree with our young boy Joey -- Almost Hear You Sigh. Although No Expectations is pretty damn good.
01-09-02 03:03 PM
winter Sway - I agree. If the Stones played winter, can you hear me knocking, loving cup, torn and frayed and moonlight mile in one set, I'd think I've died and gone to Stones heaven, even if the rest of the show was filled with 19 runs through satisfaction.
01-09-02 03:04 PM
Gazza Joey - theyve never done "Cant you hear me knockin" in concert - although Taylor has solo many times (on one occasion in new York in 86 with Keith as a guest)

see the setlists page for the list of songs and it'll give you the ones theyve never played in concert

best ballads?

1. moonlight Mile
2. memory Motel
3. Ruby Tuesday
4. Almost hear you Sigh
5. Wild Horses

For me,no Stones song gets a response when played in concert like "Ruby Tuesday". Hearing 72,000 people sing along to that chorus at Wembley in '99 made the hairs rise on my neck and on other parts of my anatomy i didnt know I had them.....its the same every time they play it.
01-09-02 03:58 PM
F505 Backstreet girl -Between the Buttons
01-09-02 04:44 PM
Jaxx thanks, gazza, for posting our setlist link for joey. you beat me to it.

my favorite ballads are

i got the blues
time waits for no one
torn and frayed
almost hear you sigh
till the next goodbye

side 2 of tattoo you has some of their best ballads and i can't pick a favorite between worried about you, tops, no use in crying or the more played waiting on a friend.

imo, the ever popular ruby tuesday is just way overdone, way overplayed--which makes it a perfect beer break tune.

01-09-02 07:22 PM
st0nesfan Whoa! How can you forget Angie? Not only is it the best ballad it is, IMO, the greatest Stones song ever.
01-09-02 09:12 PM
-Almost Hear ya Sigh
-Lady Jane
-Till the Next Goodbye
-Sweethearts Together
-No Expectations
-Waiting On A Friend
01-09-02 09:59 PM
Mother baby "great ballad" is an oxymoron.
01-10-02 01:27 AM
Mother baby wrote:
"great ballad" is an oxymoron.

it would appear that you don't care for "chill out" "mellow moment" tunes. ballads have their time and place, i guess. at the height of a party or during a cross town road rage, i tend to bypass these types of tunes as well. i would imagine neil young is missing from your music collection?
01-10-02 03:35 AM
Jane Wyman 1. Let it loose
2. Backstreet girl
3. Winter
4. Coming down agian
5. You got the silver
01-10-02 09:21 AM
CocaBuena I forgot Beast of Burden, I'd put also between my favorites too.
01-10-02 10:09 AM
winter Since where talking some girls, how about far away eyes - not really a ballad, but a good tongue and cheek country tune

01-10-02 12:52 PM
Lazy Bones Tough - and in no order:
1. Moonlight Mile
2. I Got The Blues
3. Winter
4. Memory Motel
5. Almost Hear You Sigh
01-10-02 11:03 PM
JaggaRichards Memory Motel
Moonlight Mile
Good Times, Bad Times
Tell Me
Backstreet Girl
Theif In The Night
Waiting On A Friend
01-10-02 11:48 PM
the lepper Let It Loose
Moonlight Mile
I Got The Blues
Time Waits For No One
Coming Down Again

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