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Iquitos, Perú 1981
Photo by René Pinedo with thanks to Cucho Peñaloza (*)

During the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"
(*) Stay tuned for a preview of Cucho's forthcoming book about the Stones in South America
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Topic: Stripper who had sex with Mick has VIDEO of the Event for Sale.....(ROTF) Return to archive
01-08-02 10:11 AM
Jaxx Stripper offering sex with Jagger video for sale:
LONDON, Jan 8 DPA|Published: Tuesday January 8, 11:07 PM

A youthful blonde Las Vegas stripper is offering for sale a video showing her having sex with ageing British rocker Mick Jagger, the Mirror reported today.

And Jagger was "furious", it added.

The 18-year-old lapdancer, known only as Iris, offered the 20 minute video to the British tabloid for a minimum of $US60,000 ($A116,0007).

Iris insists it was all a mistake, that she had not set up the sting and that the camera had started rolling only after she accidentally dropped it on the floor.

The Mirror said it had "naturally" turned the video down, and that Jagger, 58, was furious.

The approach had come through a Las Vegas agent, called Harry Lime Management, who claim to be brokering a deal on her behalf and e-mailed four still pictures.

According to the agent, Iris met Jagger in a Vegas shopping mall, asked for his autograph and was invited to drinks. Jagger was in the US gambling and striptease mecca to attend the Radio Music Awards in October.

Later that evening, Jagger, the father of seven, met Iris in his hotel lobby. They talked for a short while and Iris's agent claims Jagger then invited her up to his executive suite.

Jagger was unavailable for comment, but a friend told the Mirror: "Mick is free and single and can do whatever he wants.

"He will not be very happy about what these people are trying to do. It's a rotten trick."

The Mirror noted that a previous one night stand turned out costly for Jagger. In 1998 he discovered that Brazilian model Luciana Morad was expecting his child.

Apart from payments to support her and the child, the affair finally broke his 17 year marriage to model and actress Jerry Hall.

01-08-02 05:50 PM
Gazza I nearly wet my pants when I read this story today at work - I loved the bit where she claims that the video accidentally started recording when she dropped it (right on the RECORD button,naturally..) as if she wasnt really gonna film the "event" at all and then just decided to demand $60,000 for her mistake! No doubt too,the video just luckily happened to land at an angle which filmed them quite professionally too! Such good fortune eh? LOL

well..I guess as the much rumoured Mick & Anita "shagging outtakes" from "performance" never circulated,someone might be interested in this one..I wonder will it end up on E-bay?
01-08-02 06:08 PM
Child of the Moon Yeah, I really hate it when I drop the video camera I' carrying for no particular reason and it starts recording just before I get to work...

Wait, what? That's not right!
01-08-02 07:37 PM
Jaxx wrote:
The 18-year-old lapdancer, known only as Iris, offered the 20 minute video to the British tabloid for a minimum of $US60,000 ($A116,0007).

Only 20 minutes???!!!
01-08-02 09:19 PM
the lepper Jeez, you'd think Mick would be smarter than this.....evidently not. His pecker is sure costing him alot of money these days.
01-08-02 09:46 PM
Amy340 I'm sorry, but this is just so absurd that it's funny. It doesn't sound at all believable. Mick wouldn't notice a video camera that "fell", OK, whatever. This Iris is probably really desperate for money, her and whoever her "agent" is
01-09-02 04:23 PM
CS Now Jagger denies being in 'sex

By JAM! Music

The new year is less than two weeks old, but a
hot new trend has emerged: marketing bogus
celeb sex videos.

Just as Christina Aguilera's camp is going after
an Internet outfit advertising what the singer
says is a bogus sex video of her, Mick Jagger's
people are denying the existence of a video
purporting to show the Rolling Stone sharing an
intimate interlude.

The New York Post said Jagger's lawyers have
issued a statement saying that the man
enjoying himself in the video is not their client.

"It has come to our attention from certain
newspapers in the U.K. that a Harry Lime Esq.
of Harry Lime Management is attempting to sell
photos and possibly video footage which
purports to be of our client for substantial sums
of money," The Post quoted the lawyers' letter.

"We can categorically state that the person
shown in this material is not Mick Jagger."

Oddly, the alias of the wanna-be celeb porn
peddler, Harry Lime, was the name of Orson
Welles' character in the classic movie "The
Third Man."
01-09-02 05:02 PM
Gazza If it HAD been genuine,would it have circulated under the title "Blowing Mick" ?

or.."Doing Mick", "Eating Mick", etc..insert the rude title of your choice......
01-10-02 01:43 AM
Jaxx LOLROTF. this story is extremely absurd from start to finish and considering "the Mirror" is the source, shit, connect the dots.

i can't believe i'm admitting this out loud, but i happen to catch regis and kelly(gag) today QUITE by accident. i stopped surfing only because kelly was saying how the new trend is to digitally enhance video, especially that of movies stars to the point where they airbrush the clothes right off them,or attach their faces to other get the "picture". the point being, there could be a video out there. but only mick and iris will know if its really mick.....

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