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Iquitos, Perú 1981
Photo by René Pinedo with thanks to Cucho Peñaloza (*)

During the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"
(*) Stay tuned for a preview of Cucho's forthcoming book about the Stones in South America
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Topic: Rate Your Fave Stones Records in Order..... Return to archive
01-07-02 09:25 PM
the lepper 1. Exile
2. Sticky Fingers
3. Let It Bleed
4. Get Your Ya Ya's Out
5. Metamorphosis
6. Beggars Banquet
7. Black & Blue
8. It's Only Rock N' Roll
9. Goats head Soup
10.Love You Live (If only for the club side)

Solo Records........
1. Talk Is Cheap
2. Now Look
3. 1234
4. Primitive Cool
5. Mick Taylor
6. I've Got My Own Album To Do
7. Main Offender
01-08-02 03:45 AM
marko 1.beggars
2.sticky fingers you
4.voodoo lounge
5.let it bleed
6.some girls
10.ya ya´s
01-08-02 08:30 AM
Jane Wyman Excellent list, Lepper!!! The only thing is that I should replace Metamorphosis by their debute album: The Rolling Stones.
01-08-02 10:49 AM
moy hard to order the stones albums but solo is easy

1.- slide on live
2.- live and eclectic
3.- gimme some neck
4.- goddess in the doorway
5.- i've got my own album to do
6.- live at the ritz
7.- not for beginners
8.- slide on this
9.- a stone's throw
10.- groovin'
11.- main offender
12.- live at the hollywood palladium
13.- struttin' our stuff
14.- she's the boss
15.- the pipes of pan at jajouka
01-08-02 02:07 PM
winter 1. exile
2. beggar's
3. love you live
4. sticky fingers
5. stripped
6. black and blue
7. let it bleed
8. some girls
9. voodoo lounge
10. england's newest hitmakers

01-08-02 02:26 PM
Joey 1. Brussels Affair
2. Handsome Girls Disc 1
3. Stripped Companion
4. Hampton Disc 1
5. Hampton Disc 2
6. Live at the Double Door
7. Closer than close
8. Tokyo ' 90 Disc 1
9. Happy Birthday Nicky
10.Sympathy from the Vaults ( All Discs )

01-08-02 03:55 PM
Gazza Metamorphosis??? ahead of "beggars" and "some girls" etc? wow!

1. Exile On Main Street
2. Sticky Fingers
3. Some Girls
4. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out!
5. Beggars Banquet
6. Let It Bleed
7. The Rolling Stones No.2
8. The Rolling Stones
9. Bridges To Babylon
10. Aftermath (either version)

Solo albums:
1. Main Offender
2. Wandering Spirit
3. Wingless Angels
4. Goddess In The Doorway
5. talk Is Cheap
6. Slide on This
7. Gimme Some Neck

1. Brussels Affair
2. Handsome Girls (especially the KBFH recordings)
3. Steel Wheels Tokyo
4. Live R Than You'll Ever Be (30th anniversary edition)
5. Dont Bust The Crust
6. Get Your Leeds Lungs Out!

Honourable mention : "home at last" ('Rocks Off' CDR tree!)
01-08-02 04:45 PM
the lepper Great responses.... Just wanted to see how other Stones fans rate the albums. I had a feeling we were gonna get in to bootlegs-that's cool too. I dunno why (no pun intended) but I really dig Metamorphosis from beginning to end....sure they're are some quirky songs, but I like 'em. "I Don't Know Why" and "Jiving Sister Fanny" are two great Stones songs that don't get much attention. I also forgot to put Aftermath on my list...It's definitely in my top ten, but some of those same songs are on Metamorhosis. Ditto Gimme Some Neck in the solo dept.
01-08-02 07:32 PM
Angiegirl 1. exile
2. sticky
3. let it bleed
4. beggar's
5. tatoo
6. ya-ya's
7. some girls
8. love you live
9. out of our heads
10. stripped

1. slide on live
2. main offender
3. wandering spirit
4. gimme some neck
5. talk is cheap
6. I've got my own album to do
7. X-pensive winos live Hollywood Palladium
8. she's the boss
9. goddess in the doorway
10. slide on this

1. Brussels affair
2. get your Leeds lungs out!
3. stripped companion
4. welcome to New York
5. Hampton 81
6. handsome girls
7. cow skins and pig shoes
8. blind date revisited disc 2
9. Paris aux printemps
10. Praha 1998

Can't really decide on the order, my preference can change by the day, but something like this. I have the feeling I forgot a lot...hmm.
01-08-02 08:19 PM
Happy Motherfucker 1. Exile
2. Sticky fingers
3. Ya Ya's
4. Tatto You
5. Beggers
6. Goats Head
7. Let It Bleed
8. BTB
9. Undercover
10. Black and Blue

01-08-02 11:07 PM
Nasty Habits 1. Exile on Mainstreet
2. Let It Bleed
3. Beggar's Banquet
4. Now!
5. Aftermath
6. Out of Our Heads
7. England's Newest Hitmakers
8. Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
9. Sticky Fingers
10. Black and Blue

1. Rocks Off!
2. Welcome to New York
3. Brussels Affair
4. LiveR Than You'll Ever Be
5. Stoned at the BBC
6. Trident Mixes
7. Accidents Will Happen
8. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
9. Handsome Girls
10. Acetates
01-09-02 10:56 AM
Mathijs 1. Sticky Fingers
2. Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out
3. Beggars Banquet
4. Undercover
5. The Rolling Stones
6. It’s Only Rock and Roll
7. Exile On Main Street
8. Bridges To Babylon
9. Tattoo You
10. Aftermath

1. I've Got My Own Album To Do
2. Slide on This
3. Talk Is Cheap
4. Wandering Spirit
5. Now Look
6. Stranger in This Town
7. Memo From Turner

1. Europe 73 (VGP 011 Gold Edition – Brussels and Wembley 1973)
2. Stones Touring Party 1972 (Rattlesnake)
3. Hillside Blues (VGP 214 – 1969/1971 outtakes)
4. Bring it Back Alive (VGP 054, Charlotte 1972)
5. Paris Outtakes Vol. 1 and 2 (Vigatone)
6. Handsome Girls (Dandelion)
7. 20 Flight Rock – Hampton 81 (VGP)
8. Acetates (Midnight Beat)
9. Live in New York 1969 (Idol Mind)
10. Welcome To Australia (VGP)

Btw I find it quite surprising so many people have Brussels Affair as their number one boot, while this show has been released in far better quality and with more tracks on several other releases!

The Rolling Stones in Review

The Lowdown on the Guitars of Keith Richards
Bootleg Reviews
Brussels Affair 1973
Vinyl Gang Productions / The Swingin' Pig
01-09-02 02:51 PM
2.Let It Bleed
3.Sticky Fingers
4.Beggars Banquet
5.Get Your Ya Ya's Out
6.Black and Blue
7.Some Girls
8.Tattoo You

01-09-02 03:55 PM
hayo 1.Beggar's Banquet

2.Let it Bleed
3.Tattoo You
4.Black and Blue
5.Get yer Ya Ya's Out
6.Sticky Fingers
8.Some Girls
9.Emotional Rescue
01-10-02 01:24 PM
Lazy Bones 1. Sticky Fingers
2. Exile
3. Beggar's
4. Let It Bleed
5. Some Girls
6. Goat's Head Soup
7. Bridges
9. Voodoo
0. Aftermath
01-10-02 10:47 PM
JaggaRichards Let It Bleed
Beggars Banquet
The Rolling Stones Now!
Get Your Ya-Yas Out
Exile On Main Street
Englands Newest Hitmakers
Some Girls
01-11-02 07:58 PM
robbluedog 1) Sticky
2) Beggars
3) Let it bleed
4) Exile
5) Goats head
6) Black and Blue
7) Some girls
8) Newest Hitmakers
9) Satanic majesties
10) Ya Yas

But what of the singles?

I consider these singles to be just as crucial as any album release.

1) Satisfaction - broke them worldwide
2) Jumping Jack Flash - reaffirmed the band after a troubled period as still in the swim
3) Miss You - don't like the song as much but same effect as JJF

There's much to be said for a huge single....

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