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Iquitos, Perú 1981
Photo by René Pinedo with thanks to Cucho Peñaloza (*)

During the making of Werner Herzog's "Fitzcarraldo"
(*) Stay tuned for a preview of Cucho's forthcoming book about the Stones in South America
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Topic: Stones - these guys are still together? Return to archive
01-07-02 08:08 PM
CocaBuena What "Hands of Fate" is about? I never had pay attention to the lyrics, as I usually do, but some time ago I decided to check and...they're talking about who? Is it some Ned Kelly influence? Think not, but...

(When English is not your first language -- and in my case the English is so poor that i should say is the last--, may be a good thing. You pay atention just to the sound, guitars, Jagger screams in Melody, Keith bass rocking Crazy Mama...nobody needs a sense to the lyrics, right? Well, I don't!

But then I was thinking too how funny is Cherry Oh Baby lyrics and how Mick sings the words "badly" and "madly" (Bale and Male, as if you were Braziliam, sounding like Portuguese language).

Anyway, years goes, years comes, I'm always listening Black and Blue, my first met with the Stones. And I never tired. It's fantastic, amazing, this is the album that really changes my life.

I remember I buy the Black And Blue LP in december of 1976 (or 1977, maybe some of you can help me here) in a local record store called "Antonov" down here in south of Brasil. And even today when I think about it, i get shiver!
I remember I see the cover LP with Mick, Bill & Keith in that store and...was pure magic.

I can't even descrIbe! In the other side of cover there was that respectable 'sir' with his well cutted hairs. Simply magic, and if you're a big fan you know what i mean (ok, maybe not, maybe you don't like B&B, I know alot of people that actually think B&B an album mediocre...

So, as i was talking/writing, I think to myself: Hey, these guys are still together? They really still exists? Because at the same time, in those days, an alternative radiostation called "Continental" was playing

often "Hey Negrita" and then "Fool to Cry". So, yes, they still exists, and they're The Rolling Stones, that group that i vaguely could remember from 60's was firm like a rock. Only the name was shivering: The Rolling Stones! And I was in 1976 or '77, I was about 15 years old! So, It's very good to know and feel that those five wonderful guys are together even today, in 2002. Long life/live to the kings of the world!

Oh yeah, I forgot I was talking about. I think I started with Hands of Fate, playind again in this exact moment down here...

But just one more thing: who cares to the Rolling Stone mag? I do not, and I don't waste my money buying it! I don't mind what those guys think about music or whatever. They are mainstream a long time now. If you check Billboard you'll see also alot of crap in the best positions. Ok, I leave now. I have to sleep

01-07-02 08:19 PM
Miss U. I just absolutely LUV Black & Blue too!

01-08-02 09:29 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl What I can tell you Cocabuena is that we were lucky to be able to listen rock without understanding the lyrics LOL, somtime the music goes beyond and with a huge imagination you can add the lyrics.

Black and Blue for me is also one of the greatest albums, what a pity that "Spanglish" from Mick in Hey Negrita "Muva las carreras" etc etc maybe Bianca could help a little to improve it lol
01-08-02 09:59 AM
CocaBuena Yes, Voodoo, we're lucky! But I think Bianca really helped Mick write that lyrics. It's a great song.
I also like that part where he sings "Come si chiama/What's your game/I'm just a poor man/What's your name/Shake your body Do it up now/Shake your body/Move it up now/Hey negrita/Hey now/Hey conchita/Shake it up now/Ah yeah/Do it up now..." etc.

Hey Negrita is one of my favorite Stones songs, as well as one of my favorite girlfriends. I put her the nickname "Hey Negrita", because the color of her skin, not so black not so white, and because she's skinny but also has a nice, sweet ass!~

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