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Topic: Stones show 10/31/02??? Return to archive
01-02-02 01:08 PM
nankerphelge Go to Yahoo
Search "Rolling Stones"
Check result re: stones shows
It shows a 10/31/02 date -- what is the Spreckles?
01-02-02 01:53 PM
sandrew That's bizarre. The Spreckles, apparently, is a theater in San Diego. I can't imagine this isn't some kind of mistake.
01-02-02 01:54 PM
nankerphelge I suspect you are right -- I left a message with the theatrer management -- we'll see if they return my call. Probably think I'm fucking nuts!
01-02-02 02:16 PM
sandrew Well, they shouldn't tease us like that ...
01-02-02 02:45 PM
Gazza I remember someone posting theyd found that on either this site or Gas x 3 board a few months ago..same date too from what i remember and that was before confirmation about touring plans or anything like that...

its obviously some joke or mistake of some kind....
01-02-02 02:49 PM
Joey Perhaps Mick Taylor is playing there ??????

Most individuals associate Taylor with the Stones .

I know I do .
01-02-02 03:01 PM
Jaxx time will tell, i guess. the speculation while fun is also frustrating.

a year from now we'll all be talking about the great 2002 tour!
01-02-02 04:55 PM
its obviously some joke or mistake of some kind....

...or some "wishful thinking" of the "deepest" sort ; )

01-02-02 06:00 PM
nankerphelge Just got a call back from Spreckels theater and they have no idea of what this is about. She indicated that it only holds about 1500 people.

I think she was lying. I think they intend to hold a midnite Halloween show there this year and I didn't know the "code word" -- if I had said my name was Jumping Jack Flash or I was with the rent-a-slut agency and am slated for front row seats, she would've given me the lowdown.

01-02-02 06:38 PM
Cardinal Fang Hello Everyone!

My guess is that it's "possible" that it's just a hold date for the theater. Having some experience in booking gigs for a tour myself, when you book a tour you will request in advance that a venue will put a hold on a certain date (provided it's available) However they will only hold that date within say anywhere from 3 months to a month from the actual date unless you put down at least 50% of the cash. Since the date is Halloween, (in theory) the hold date could be valid up to anywhere from July 31 to Sept 31 2001 and then after that you either pay the lease or loose the date. Bands do it all the time. Think of it as having "dibs" or like making a reservation for a restaurant. It doesn't cost you anything and you can still flake at the last minute.

What is weird though is the fact that they are publicizing the hold date and more important WHO the client is. I should stress that IF this is true, it still does NOT mean the Stones will play there on that date. However, what is interesting is that it does give you a vague idea of the flow of the tour as in Southern California in late Oct. This should NOT be that big of a surprise though. With the exception of the 1999 NS tour, almost ALL of the Stones US tours are booked the SAME way. They all start out around Sept 1st on the east coast, and usually hit California mid Oct. through about the first week of Nov. (Gazza's got all the dates on his gig page). This sounds to me like NOTHING has changed. Nice to see Alan Dunn doing his job.

What IS kind of wild (if this hold date is true) would be for them to play a small show in California. They've done all of those club sized shows back east or the Sheppard's Bush gig but they have not done any small shows out west here.

Nankerphelge, if you get to talk to the theater manager, as a rule they usually DON'T give out information on WHO has booked the venue and in the Stones case, I'm sure The Stones try to have a gag order (lawyer term) on it. What I would suggest to you is to PRETEND you want to book the theater for some sort of private Halloween party. Get all of the info on the rent etc. make it convincing you are sincere. Either "A" they will tell you YES it's available (which tells you the Stones have already bailed on the hold date) or "B" NO, that date is not available. At that point you then ask (innocently) who has rented it. Don't be surprised if they tell you something like "It doesn't say" or "No we can't tell you" etc. What would be interesting is if they tell you the name and it's a code name like "the cockroaches" or some other fake name. I will put money on it though they don't tell you it's The Stones.

I've been to The Spreckles Theater. I was there in 1991 to see David Bowie/Tin Machine. It seats (I'm guessing) about maybe 1400 (?) One of those double decker balcony places.

Later, Cardinal Fang

01-02-02 06:53 PM
Torn & Frayed
Gazza wrote:
I remember someone posting theyd found that on either this site or Gas x 3 board a few months ago..same date too from what i remember and that was before confirmation about touring plans or anything like that...

its obviously some joke or mistake of some kind....

I also remember reading something like that a while back. Same venue, and I believe the original story was a date in 2001 being held.
01-02-02 10:32 PM
Briansrevenge Not that bizarre, I caught the Stones before their Steel Wheels tour playing in a Connecticut bar...didn't cost a damn thing and Springsteen was bartending...He said, "no man, you're the boss" which time Mick Jagger rudely interjected, no..."she's the boss...she got the pants on, now she the boss"...I said "huh"?
01-03-02 01:59 PM
Gazza The Stones always play pre-tour warm-up shows

Thing is,that show at Toads Place,Newhaven - like the others - was confirmed at very short notice (ie a few hours or a couple of days)...they dont announce these kind of things months or years in advance!

Must say that as a huge Springsteen fan,I've never heard that story before of him "bartending" at the above show - how on earth did that happen? !!
01-03-02 05:09 PM

Dig it, MostEminentG!!!

The Stones have never announced their warm-up gigs. Never. That would defeat the whole purpose, really. So the discussion is moot, shall we say ; )

01-05-02 09:09 PM
spaceman By the way - the Stones did play a small club out West on their last tour..either BTB or NS, I can't remember which. But they did play the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las vegas.
01-05-02 10:28 PM
Gazza they played club shows prior to the BTB kick off in Toronto and Chicago (4th and 18th sept 97)

then the hard rock in vegas in feb 98 (at around $300 and $500 a ticket .hardly one for the fans..unlike the other two..I think the Chicago Double door club gig was $7)

they also did a small show (4,000) in a tent in Kona,Hawaii in Jan 1998 for Pepsi employees - but that was a corporate gig

There werent any club shows at all on the No Security 99 leg - the only small show that year was in London in June (10 a ticket for the Stones and support act Sheryl of the better nights out Ive had..!!)
01-06-02 12:03 AM
Gazza wrote:
the only small show that year was in London in June (10 a ticket for the Stones and support act Sheryl of the better nights out Ive had..!!)

O, there was a clubgig in London '99? Didn't notice that! LOL
01-06-02 04:50 AM
marko yup there was,we heard some nice songs,for the firts and
probaply for the last time as well.Songs like,i got the blues,brand new car,moon is up,melody,but i missed 2 songs
there,get off of my cloud&midnight rambler.
01-06-02 07:52 PM
Angiegirl I know Marko. Wasn't it cool? I was just joking to Gazza because he and I went to the ShepBush ticketsales together coming from Sheffield.

It was a great night, although not their best club performance I think. It was just fantastic to me because I stood (or hung) at front row and it was my first clubgig. Just missed out on Paradiso and Brixton in '95. In that way the ShepBush show healed my deep, deep wounds!

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