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Topic: Merry X-mas!!! Return to archive
12-25-01 03:04 PM
The Eggman Wherever you are, whatever the holiday that you celebrate at this time of is my sincere wish that you have the best of times .

That even goes for you stupid Mexican (Cardinal).

The saying i say this year is..."Peace on earth, have a nice year".

PS. Theres a 1987 Jaguar in my drive-war...yah!
12-25-01 06:14 PM
rogerriffin what´s about you troubles with mexican fans?????????
12-25-01 09:29 PM
The Eggman Nothing, I love tacos!
12-25-01 11:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Gee Eggcunt, not only are you a retard, but you are a racist as well. That'll get you very far in life.

I knew there was a good reason why I never liked you.

Oh yeah, and my 72 Chevelle SS will dust your silly little Jag any, and every day. 400 small block, American muscle car. There is NO substitute. 'Cept maybe another US muscle car, like a GTO, Corvette, or Camaro. Jags are for lazy, old money, snobbish, dried up hags. So I guess that would be more your speed, yes?

BTW, not that it matters any, but I'm from the USA, of Dutch/Scot lineage. But I would be proud to be a countryman of Gerardo and all of our hard rockin' amigos south of the border. My "hermanos en el Stones" KNOW how to rock...all night long! Mexico is about much more than tacos. But then again Egghole, you'd be too much of a dumbass to realize that. That wouldn't fit into your neat little racial stereotype, now would it?

I must admit though, I do enjoy cyberkicking your cyberass.

Keep up the good work.
12-26-01 02:56 PM
The Eggman Cyper-kicking my ass?

gees , iam afraid of your C++ skills!!!!

and by the way, i was only dreaming of that Jag, i have a 1987 FIREBIRD. to be honest
12-26-01 04:04 PM
Miss U. Hope everyone had a great XMas!
12-26-01 08:12 PM
moy i can't figure out how a thread named "merry x-mas!!" started by someone who signs "whose fighting and what for???" has such a content

again peace
12-26-01 08:41 PM
Joey I don't know about all of that shit , but has anyone seen my dope ????????? And weren't the WHO great yesterday afternoon on VH1 ?????????

I have lost me dope AGAIN !!!!!!!!!

It was some " Black Indigio " from Amsterdam and now it has been misplaced . I think my sister from Portland stole it from me yesterday when she was in town to celebrate the Holidays .

" Go Huskers Jan . 3rd in the Rose Bowl . "

" Jai Baba to all and to all a good night ."

Baba O ' Joey

12-27-01 08:29 AM
Cardinal Ximinez So Eggfuck, not only are you a racist, but a LIAR as well....Hmmmmm, no JAG? My Chevy will dust your Firebird too!


Eggass did not start this thread. He just did a cut and paste of my post titled "Happy Holidays", and then edited in his nasty little racist comments. He's such a nasty little fucker that he couldn't possibly wish a "Happy" ANYTHING on ANYONE. Such is the way of miserable, unhappy people.

Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that he wouldn't be so miserable if he wasn't such a dickhead all the time. Perhaps with him it's a genetic flaw, or a chemical imbalance in his brain. Or maybe he just graduated "Magna Cum Laude" from Ima Ass University.

>>>Manditory Stones Content<<<
The new Mojo has a nice article about Dominique Tarle's book, and it has lots of cool pics.
12-27-01 09:36 AM
Maxlugar My father used to have a '74 Jaguar XKE v12 (like the one Austin Powers has) and I gotta tell you, I can't see any muscle car beating that thing. I used to take that thing to High School sometimes and I beat all kinds of cars with that bitch. It was like a quiet rocket. Four carbs and the stick was like four inches high. You could change gears by moving like an inch up and down. Maxy got MAJOR ass in that thing.

But it had no tape deck. Maxy had to hum his favorite Stones songs.

12-27-01 02:15 PM
Cardinal Ximinez My Chevy ain't "stock". It's been "modified". Actually, I don't even drive it on the street much. It's built for the quarter mile. It is street legal though. Barely.
12-27-01 03:25 PM
Miss U. There will always be a space in my parking lot for a
Anything starting with JAG must kick ass & get plenty of it!!

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