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Topic: Mick much better than Keef Return to archive
12-23-01 06:27 PM
CocaBuena I can't understand why most of you didn't like Goddess In The Doorway. I love Mick Jagger solo albuns, and I think is needed forget the fact he's a Stone to listening and enjoy his albuns. Thus, I think he is much better than Keith. Talk Is Cheap, come on, everybody knows, is very oldfashion, rusty, as well as Main Offender and any other craps did by Keith.
Mick (ok, She's the Boss is awful) has even good bootlegs, like Blues With a Feeling and State Of Shock. It's good Mick Jagger music, but Keith's Peaches Gone South - other example - is very sux. period.
12-23-01 06:36 PM
Maxlugar Very well said!

I only had to read your post twice to figure out what you were trying to say Coca-Buddy!

You are clearly getting much better.

And I agree with you. Mick gets for too much shit from most Stones fans. Much of Ketih's music is very odd. Thru and Thru? Thief in the Night!? All about you??!! Sleep Tonight?!?!!!??! How Can I Stop!!?!!?!!?!??!!!?!??!!!? What the hell kind of music is that?

Mick Jagger is the man!
12-23-01 07:10 PM
CocaBuena Feel free to make fun, Maxlugar, but you are so fucking square!!! You'll never gonna know other things. I'm sure you like only those old singers like Dylan, Petty, Neil Young and so on.
12-23-01 08:06 PM
Happy Motherfucker I coca for coca puffs, I coca for coca puffs. Yeah man, you're the only fuck'n square here. So what if you don't like keith's music as much as Jaggers. Does it really make a difference? Keith is the back bone behind the stones! Why you want to talk that stupid jive man? I've read your post here and I just don't know what to make of ya! Merry Christmas meat head!
12-24-01 07:41 AM
SlackerZ I have to say that i don't know who is better, but really my favourite stone is Keith, i have to say i love his solo albums, i love the way hi sings, the way he does the back bocals, he is great!! I think i love his true love to music!
Ok I think Goddess in the doorway is the best album mick have ever done!! I really like mick, and believe or not i like she's the boss too! But i would never make a comparision, cause the stones are formed by this two greats musicians! So stop with this of who's the best! Because they are really different, and thanks to that we have the best band in the whole world!! THE ROLLING STONES ladies and gentlemen!!!

Merry Xmas!! Everybody!!!
Have a great stones XMAS =)
12-24-01 07:44 AM
Maxlugar Well whatever side you on, I think we can all agree they are much better together than apart, right?
12-24-01 01:01 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Din Ding Ding! We have a winner! Maxy, you have hit upon the crux of the matter at hand. It really doesn't matter if you prefer Mick solo or Keith solo. The whole nugget is that the combined powers of said Glimmer Twins is the greatest force in the known universe. Taken seperately, MicknKeef do not put out music that is as strong as the music of The Rolling Stones. Duh. How could that be possible. These guys are in the best band in the universe. If they try to make music with anyone else, they will be playing with an inferior band. They simply CAN'T make better music without the Stones.

I mean, isn't this OBVIOUS?
12-24-01 03:48 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Cocabuena, I think Max reply was nice why you have that reaction?
12-24-01 04:11 PM
CocaBuena Hey Voodoo AND Max

Sorry guys, I forgot to take my Prozac...
Merry Christmas for all of you
12-27-01 03:43 PM
Mother baby Because "Goddess in the Doorway" is not a Stones record I guess. LOL.
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[Edited by Mother baby]

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