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Topic: Rod and Ronnie are back in the studio! Return to archive
12-11-01 10:15 PM
CS In addition to the previous track recorded early this year "You sing, I''ll Strum" Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood are back recording together and looking for an album deal and seeking a contract for the new album they're working on.

Rod, 58, was recently dropped by his label, Warner Bros, when his contract came to an end after being with the company for 26 years. Although he became an international solo star after The Faces split, his recent albums have sold poorly.

Warner has just released a Rod Stewart greatest hits retrospective to coincide with the end of his contract and Ronnie Wood recently released his own solo album, 'Not For Beginners'.

The Faces (With Rod, Ronnie, Mac and Kenny) are being lined-up for a reunion at Glastonbury 2002. Rod Stewart is already confirmed to play the festival

12-11-01 10:20 PM

Original Glastonbury Festival Website
12-11-01 10:44 PM
Tom This confirms once more the low probabilty of a new album and the release of the box set. But what about a fucking tour of the Stones?
12-12-01 01:39 AM
HandofFeet Rod and Ronnie probably aren't planning on any extended studio work, as they can probably bang out a number of tunes in short order.

I won't be surprised if they cut an album's worth of material before the end of December, leave Rod the task of shopping it around, and then do a one-off reunion at Glastonbury to promote it.
12-12-01 10:37 AM
Joey Perhaps Ronnie will stay in Rod's band so that Mick Taylor can rejoin the Stones in the Studio .

" Bite ME Ronnie "

Joey , C10

12-12-01 11:14 AM
Maxlugar Yes Joey!

Ronnie has been given his walking papers descretely. He will now act as though he'd prefer to work with Rod "scumy tummy" Stewart. In the mean time, Mick Taylor as been traveling the world loosening up those fingers and perfecting his Tap, Tap, Tapping technique for the next stones album.

Mick Jagger was recently overheard in an alphabet city bathroom to say "I aint going back with the Stones unless we have at least one guitar player that can still play"

His name?

Mick Taylor - Rolling Stones legend.

"Insert a Tap, Tap, Tap shoe in my anus, Ronnie"

Maxy Von Tap
12-12-01 11:26 AM
FotiniD Oh-oh, do I sense a "Ronnie bashing" thread already?

Maxlugar, what on earth are your sources for the Mick-overheard-in-bathroom thing?! And what's the point anyway, if he can play with Rod Stewart, he can play with the Stones. Oh, it's pointless! Overheard in bathroom?! Reliable, alright!

I prefer Ronnie to Mick Taylor. What can I do, I do prefer him, honestly. Both as a guitarist and as a Stones member. I don't think they should even think of replacing him and bringing Mick Taylor back in, a guy who originally QUIT the Stones if I may remind us... Mr. Taylor is alright in his solo career, let it be it.

Why do we even start such a discussion? Why don't discussions like this start when for instance Mick gets his solo record out? The Stones are still the Stones, despite their members' solo projects - which I have to say I don't really approve; nothing beats a team.

Anyway, that's just personal opinions and we're all entitled to them, right?
12-12-01 12:07 PM
sandrew To cite a more reliable source: At the end of the "Old Gods Almost Dead" book, there's a backstage scene, during the 1999 No Security tour, where Keith lays into Ronnie - something along the lines of "I've been covering your ass for weeks."

There's no denying the fact that Ronnie's playing has deteriorated over the last few years. Listen to his Steel Wheels-era playing and any doubt vanishes. He can barely string together coherent solos, which is why Keith plays most of them now.

Now, I'm a huge Mick Taylor fan; he can still play like a mother, without question better than Ronnie ever could. BUT, have you seen him lately? He gets pathetically, melancholy drunk and stoned on stage, and he's fat. There's no way the Stones can take him on the road - even if they were considering it, which they're not.

So, we're stuck with Ronnie. But they're gonna have to address his chops before hitting the road next year. Maybe now that he's drinking less vodka and Guiness, his playing will improve. One can only hope . . .

12-12-01 01:47 PM
Cardinal Ximinez sandrew brings up a good point. Mick Taylor is completely unreliable. With the amount of money on the line during a Stones tour, and the airtight schedule that they have to maintain, there is NO WAY that they can risk having Mick Taylor out on tour with them. Maybe a one off gig, like at a PPV, but certainly not a lengthy tour. Hell, Taylor has trouble making 2 weeks of gigs in a row! Taylor is just to big of a risk. Ronnie certainly does slack off, but at least he shows up. That's more than you can say for Lil' Mick Quitter.
12-12-01 02:24 PM
Joey Cardinal .....

You simply MUST pick up a copy of " Old Gods Almost Dead " ...or do what I do and go to Borders and just read the last few chapters that detail the ' 90's .

You will just shake your head in absolute disbelief at all of the problems Ronnie is causing within the band .

....and some of the stuff is hilarious .

" Throw me a Bone Ronnie "

Joey , C10

12-12-01 04:09 PM
FotiniD Joey, it has been quoted by many (if i'm right, including Stones members) that "Old Gods Almost Dead" is by a major percent plain fiction... There is no accuracy in the book, it's just fiction. I will not just say that for myself, you can check out:

and i include some readers' comments:

Fact or Fiction?, November 15, 2001
Reviewer: paul from Naples, FL (USA)
Mr. Davis' book would perhaps be better filed under fiction. His research is sloppy and a number of 'facts' are just untrue. It is disappointing that Mr. Davis has to sensationalize what is already an incredible story of a band that has survived forty years in rock and roll. More factual books on the Stones are Bill Wyman's 'Stone Alone' and James Phelge's 'Nankering with the Rolling Stones'. As for 'Old Gods Almost Dead', save your money...or better still, go and buy a great old Stones CD, sit back and enjoy the magic!

Sympathy for the drivel, November 29, 2001
Reviewer: Ed Payne from Jackson, MS USA
One wishes, after 40 years, the Stones would rate a serious history by someone who appreciates what has been a remarkable career. Certainly those of us who are more than casual fans know the true warts in the history. All of which makes this compilation of thrice told tabloid warts all the more distressing. A cut and paste history, poorly told -- not because some of the bad stuff doesn't have some basis in truth (flash: ...), but because most of it is comprised of hoary press legends without any scholarship or understanding.

Sloppy Journalism, November 19, 2001
Reviewer: Douglas Seymour (see more about me) from Charleston, S. C. United States
SLOPPY, SLOPPY, SLOPPY JOURNALISM! There are too many errors in this book to point out, but one of the most absurd is the unfounded statement that Keith Richards is an atheist(?!). It appears that Mr. Davis wanted to get this book out in time for the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Stones and therefore did not want to take the time to worry about such insignicant things as facts.

So, double-checking saves. Ronnie is where he should be - WITH the Rolling Stones. If in times his contribution was not positive for the band, this is something that should be dealt with in a positive manner, he should not be thrown away. The idea of getting rid of Ronnie, reminds me of the attitudes of people towards Keith when he was on heroin. Not good.
12-12-01 04:14 PM
Gazza >Maxlugar, what on earth are your sources for the Mick-overheard-in-bathroom thing?! And what's the point anyway, if he can play with Rod Stewart, he can play with the Stones. Oh, it's pointless! Overheard in bathroom?! Reliable, alright!

Uh..I think he meant it as a joke!!!

HandofFeet's post is pretty much spot-on,I think...
Glastonbury is a pretty prestigious high profile gig - and a good one-off chance at promoting something..It always takes place around the last weekend in June.

Theres never been any suggestion the Stones would be on the road that early in 2002 and presumably IF they'd recorded any studio material it would at least at the mixing stage by then,leaving most of the band ample time to do their own thing for a while. Rehearsals for a one off show like that would barely take a WEEK out of Woody's schedule (he mentioned in Dublin the other night that his voice was a bit raw as he'd been rehearsing all week - and by the time the gig came he was playing great..)
12-12-01 05:24 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Joey,

Why buy a book, when the library will lend it to you for free. I'm in the middle of reading it now. It's crap so far. Retreads the same ol' shite that we've all heard a thousand times. If I find it next summer on sale for $5.00 or so, I'll buy it just for the fab pics of Anita Pallenburg and Marianne Faithful. Jesus, Marianne's tits are huge!

So far that's been the only redeeming quality that I've found this book to have.
12-12-01 05:45 PM
FotiniD Gazza: Ooops, I didn't understand Maxlugar meant it as a joke LOL... Sorry Maxlugar, if that is the case, that's what happens when I get carried away with these posts

Cardinal, I'm buying "Old Gods Almost Dead" just for the pics it has too. I've heard it has some good pics of Keith, so it should worth it. But on any other account, I know it sucks... I mean, just look at the title... Could it be good? Nah...
12-13-01 09:17 AM
gimmekeef Hey Mick Taylor era was far superior to the Woody era but I really can't see the Stones making any more changes at this stage.Very doubtful Taylor would be accepted or manage touring any better than Woody anyway.Perhaps with Ronnie keeping busy that will help steady his playing which I can comcur was poor at many times during Babylon/Security.Always thought that Waddy Wachtel (who played the album version of Saint by the way..and who has played with Keith) would be a good fit.but........
12-14-01 12:56 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 Rod has to discipline his own kids. they are getting into fights with people. dean cane knocked his ass to the ground.
12-18-01 01:55 AM

Dean Cain???? Of Princeton "Brooke Shields" fame???

POh. Good Lord, he needs BoxinbgLessons, that lad!@!! What a terribly embarrassing thing!

01-02-02 04:21 AM
tie me in knots Who the Hell is this Joey fella?
If I knew "Id knock ya teeth out"
Slide on this Joe Blow!
Ronnie is an Absolute Monster of a Player.
Mick Taylor is in no way any comparison, and why bother
following a traitor's career anyhow?
And does he really have a career!Last time I saw or heard of Mick Taylor was when he quit the Stones.
Get of Ronnies Case!!!!!!!
01-02-02 08:47 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Tie Me...

Just to get you up to date...Lil' Mick Quitter, over the summer, did an extensive tour of Zoo's, County Fairs, and clubs. He only cancelled about a third of the shows. He vowed to make them up sometime, but the venues said that he didn't have to due to lack of interest. Joey saw the show he did at a Kansas City bar...and walked away extremely disappointed.

This is what confuses me about Joey's whole, bring back lil' Mick schtick. Joey saw, FIRST HAND, why Taylor will never be invited back. Why reality escapes him in this matter is beyond me. Must be back on smack.

Mick also just got done playing on Carla Olsen's new blockbuster album. It sold almost as many albums as "Goddess" did. NOT!

Like Keith, I am patiently waiting for the great, long awaited, much anticipated, solo career of Mick "I coulda been somebody" Taylor. I have a feeling I'd better not hold my breath.

Don't get me wrong. Mick Taylor is a great guitar player. I dig the way he plays. But he would be more suited to joining back up with John Mayall, than he would be with the Stones.

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