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Topic: Shania Twain to do Superbowl show Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
01-10-03 10:43 AM
Maxlugar Aren't most of the chicks here past child bearing years anyway?
(laugh track)

(laugh track w/applause)

(laugh track with chants of encore + foot stomps)

(Standing "O")

Good night everybody!
(lights up, crowd leaves)

01-10-03 12:35 PM
Factory Girl Maxy, you just wanna play "Hide the Salami". Now, tell us who will be on your "Salami" team??
01-10-03 12:48 PM
Maxlugar wrote:
Just how high was this gam grab by the way?

Was it an inner thigh grab? I'd like to think so.

Maxy not remember!
Maxy not remember!
(laugh track)



It was a covert"finger climber" and a real GiGgLeR! Shy shy MaxyB and then all of a sudden...BoLD MaxyB in all his glory

Ain't had so much fun...

Next time soberer MaxyPuP! Wanna talk free lunch lines and degenerate youth! HeaVyHiTtEr and webpages! You know, NaSiTeE stuff!

01-10-03 12:53 PM
steel driving hammer
Miss U. wrote:
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo sick of Shania Twain!!

Me too! Shania and that other Country bitch I forgot her name.

Roll on darling.

01-10-03 01:12 PM
Factory Girl Hey Steelie! You mean Faith Hill? You're sick of Faith Hill?
01-10-03 01:30 PM
Sir Stonesalot Faith is hot, so is Shania...but the music, UGH!

I find the best way to watch a Shania or Faith video is to turn the sound off and put on Stray Cat Blues!

That Sara Evans chick is pretty hot too, unfortunately her music is pretty lame as well. Have you seen the video where she's dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Damn. Don't know that I've ever heard the song.

My wife likes all this "new" country garbage. It's fucking pitiful. What the hell are they putting in the water down in Nashville? I mean, that stuff is just miserable crap. Just as bad, if not worse, than Creed and Nsync and Brittany et al.

I'm glad Gram Parsons is dead. Cause this stuff would have made him go "postal".
01-10-03 01:34 PM
nankerphelge I agree -- as much as I'm not a country fan, that stuff just ain't country. My daughter has Faith Hill's latest and it is so not country, I don't know what it is -- other than bad.
[Edited by nankerphelge]
01-10-03 01:39 PM
Sir Stonesalot DUDE!

What time are you picking me up tonight? No later than's a 3 hour tour from here, and we gotta put a thumpin' on a scalper and snatch tix.

RE: Faith

Have you ever seen that video where she's all naked, and she's writhing around in those silky sheets?

I never wanted to be a set of silk sheets so bad as when I first saw that video. How could such awful crap come out of something THAT gorgeous?
01-10-03 01:44 PM
Factory Girl Pittsburgh is Tonight?? Have a blast. Maybe your scalper wiil look like Shania. If you party hard enough everyone will look like Shania, except Mick. Mick has better lips and better hips-for my purposes.

Who's opening tonight?
01-10-03 01:46 PM
nankerphelge Stoney that is sooooo tempting!

TomL even said we can crash in his hotel room!!

Snow storm's a blowing in tho -- we'd better leave early!
01-10-03 02:39 PM
KeepRigidsLawyer Six pages worth of Twain?


But no, the topic here of course is country strippers, and has a more perfect woman ever been placed upon the earth? I would say for charming skinflints, no. (Actually, very little charm need be involved, seeing as how she is already without pants.)

God, grant me a skank who is all about the high, repelled by men who throw money, and can't think far enough into the future to realize I have just opened an umbrella in her ass.

And mote it be.
01-10-03 02:40 PM
Joey " God, grant me a skank who is all about the high, repelled by men who throw money, and can't think far enough into the future to realize I have just opened an umbrella in her ass. "

01-10-03 08:37 PM
Prodigal Son Yes, Shania is too hot to be from up here in the Great White North, eh? She'd melt the North Pole. Her music could be our main weapon against terrorism. Just herd the sumbitches up and blast her music out until their heads explode from the "Chinese Water Torture"-like drone called "Country." Most new Country is actually worse than Creed or 'Nsync. These jabroni hat acts: Garth Brooks (still around and shilling Dr. Pepper), Toby Keith, then the sexy bitches category of Shania Twain, Faith Hill et al. Faith Hill is terrible MOR crap, Shania Twain's new album is even worse than her others. I'm ashamed to be from the same country as her... and Celine Dion... uuuuggghh, she's ugly however. Ever heard that Indian and Japanese pop music... That's what Shania's new hit sounds like. In Canada, though, we'll like anybody that's famous from here. If Eminem were Canadian, we'd be having TV specials on him and people kissing ass saying what a role model and standout classy Canadian he is. Enough... we all know country music is dead. Even that purist Alan Jackson is stupid with that "Where Were You When the World Stopped?" A lame question because the world's had so many atrocities in other countries that it treats 9/11 like the only real senseless mass murder that ever mattered (no offense, because it was bad I agree).

Never made a dollar past sunset
Always burned a hole in my pants

[Edited by Prodigal Son]
01-10-03 08:59 PM
Boomhauer I'm not a big fan of Shanaia Twat.
01-10-03 09:09 PM
Miss U. Not only must be delusional Gypsy if you think I would ever wanna touch you.

Gotta roll me, Steelie!
01-10-03 09:23 PM
gypsy Whatever. Quit playing this cat & mouse game, Miss U. I know you want me. You can stop beating around the bush.
01-10-03 09:30 PM
Miss U. wrote:
Not only must be delusional Gypsy if you think I would ever wanna touch you.

Come on...we know you do....she's cute and blonde. Problem for you is that she's alive!
01-10-03 09:33 PM
Prodigal Son Wooooddooogies! Another little tussle going on...
01-10-03 09:35 PM
Prodigal Son wrote:
Wooooddooogies! Another little tussle going on...

01-10-03 09:53 PM
Prodigal Son You must excuse me. The Don King in me saw a lucrative money mountain to promote because I thought this was a possible quarrel. Then again, it would be wrong to eavesdrop. That's when I realized I'm just a little hammered right now. I must stay away from the keyboard before my brain does another stupid thing..........So don't call me a wanker!!!
Shit, I did it anyway.
01-11-03 10:18 AM
gypsy Prodigal, what a great idea. We could raise money to buy Stones tickets. I'm in!

I'm working on this Brian Jones petition, and Miss U is all about trying to get into my pants.
01-11-03 11:20 AM
parmeda Celine's singing 'God Bless America'...
The Dixie Chicks (pleeeeease) are doing the anthem...
Shania I'm almost positive will be 1/2 naked during half-time...
And I read yesterday that Carlos Santana will be joining in as well.

Carlos is doable...but this is the 'best' that the NFL could come up with?
01-11-03 11:33 AM
gypsy Maybe she'll wear tube socks on her arms!
01-11-03 01:00 PM
gypsy wrote:
Maybe she'll wear tube socks on her arms!

I am SO lost with this thread. Do you mean Miss U will wear tube socks on her arms when she tries to get into your pants? Or Shania Twain is singing "God Bless America" wearing only tube socks on her arms?

Or is Shania all about getting into your pants? Or...


Confused, but developing.

Whatever...I'm just glad the Stones aren't playing the Super Bowl.
01-11-03 03:47 PM
Miss U.
Dandelion* wrote:

Come on...we know you do....she's cute and blonde. Problem for you is that she's alive!

Wha??...I'm cute, blonde & alive. Besides, personality, kindness & an appreciation of the Stones music are important to me. Sorry!
01-11-03 04:53 PM
Joey I feel a Three -some coming on ....................

Gypsy ..........

Miss U .........

Come to Joey tonight !

{{{{{{{{{{ JOESKEE }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
01-11-03 09:47 PM
gypsy Joey, it ain't gonna happen. Looks like it's just you and me tonight, babe.
Miss U, aren't you the redhead at the top right-hand corner of the "We're Only In It For The Music" pic w/ the creepy gaze? Scary.
[Edited by gypsy]
01-11-03 11:56 PM
Fiji Joe Shania Twain?...yeah, I had her...
01-12-03 03:07 PM
Miss U. My hair is blonde, not red. Hope this helps clarify matters for you.
01-12-03 04:20 PM
Joey I want Candy !!!!!!
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