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Dirty Work

Thanks to you.
I'm hardly ever blue.
Upon the morning dew.
I caress your hard rockin' stew.
It always feels new.
You make me purr and koo.
And if you all had a clue.
Tonight, you'd play Had It With You.

Maxlugar 1/11/02
Photo is Maxy Von Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily in 1983

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Topic: Jagger's villa for rent Return to archive
12-24-01 02:18 PM
The Worst (translated from "Profil" weekly magazine):
"A week in Mick Jagger's carribean villa "Stargroves"
A villa for ten people in Japanese style, in Jagger's posession since 1980. Every potential renter needs an extra o.k. of the Rolling Stone. Included in the price (231.915 ATS) are a cook and a car driver/bodyguard. There is not much to do, unlike you have friends amongst the other super-rich hause owners of the island paradise."
I think, that the price is cheap considering, that it is for ten people (perhaps a place for the next meeting of the C10 *g*) and all the extras. It looks beautiful with the grass, all the trees and the beach in front of a blue sea.

I only wonder, why it needs a body guard? Do people here fear to get killed by the other money-junkies, who want to inherit money?

How can one bodyguard care for ten people at the same time?
12-24-01 02:26 PM
The Worst I forgot to mention that 1 US-$ are 15.68 ATS, although there will soon be no more ATS...
12-24-01 07:54 PM
Gazza One of the owners of a villa on the island was murdered there a year or two ago - quite a big news story at the time on what would normally be a crime free place populated by the super - rich (neighbours of Mick's include Princess Margaret, Tommy Hilfiger and David Bowie....)

12-26-01 09:57 AM
Mathijs Mick's villa "Stargroves", which he bought in 1968 and lived ever since, is in Kent, UK, not in the Carrabean.

12-26-01 10:04 AM
moy they're talking about the mustique villa in the caribean
12-26-01 11:25 AM
the lepper As an aside, my wife and I had dinner with the man who founded Mustique, Colin Tennant, not to long ago. He now owns property on St. Lucia, a restaraunt called Bang Between the Pitons. The cool thing is, while your'e eating, he will come around to your table and talk with you for quite a while. He had some good stories about Mick and Keith from the 70's. I guess he was eventually booted out of Mustique after he sold it some years ago. He's quite a nutter,but a friendly sort. I highly reccommend St. Lucia as a vacation spot, and if you go, you gotta try this place.
12-26-01 12:02 PM
Stonesdoug I spent my honeymoon in Mustique (many years ago) when Mick was still building Stargroves. At the time he had a house on the water thatr was part of the Cotton House, the only hotel on the island. He wasn't around, but we spent one day using his beach. We did get to meet and see Princess Margaret get quite rowdy one night at the weekly jump-up and pig roast at Basil's Bar, the only other place to eat on the island. The waiters at ther Cotton House told us that Mick liked to come by at night when they were done working and sit around and sing with them.
It's a great little island but very difficult to get to. (It took us 4 different flights). There's not much to do besides sailing, snorkeling and sunning.

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