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Dirty Work

Thanks to you.
I'm hardly ever blue.
Upon the morning dew.
I caress your hard rockin' stew.
It always feels new.
You make me purr and koo.
And if you all had a clue.
Tonight, you'd play Had It With You.

Maxlugar 1/11/02
Photo is Maxy Von Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily in 1983

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Topic: It's Friday Night......... Return to archive
12-21-01 06:05 PM
Maxlugar ...and my brain wants to rock.

The subterranean bar is ready.

I’ve thrown away my clock.

I don’t want Led Zeppelin

Please! Hammer of the Gods!

I don’t want The Who

With their Odds and Sods

I don’t want the Kinks

Though, they’re really great live.

I don’t want the Beatles.

They just don’t have “The Drive”.

It’s Stones I want now!

Their music is my life.

Tonight I’ll get drunk.

And be revived by my wife.

So have a great night

I trust you’ll do it right.

Have a drink and feel alright.

Give your spouse a love bite.

Don’t fuss and fight.

And just this once, please play “Fight”

Maxlugar – 12/21/01


Dear reader,

My Stonesification is near. I have my new Sony 400 CD player at the ready. It holds every single CD I own with room to spare. Hug me.

Tonight I plan on listening to MSG ’99. It will bring me back to the days of the summit in NYC. Oh for that night at Dewey’s again. What ever happened to “Knockin’” That guy was cool.

After that I plan to hear some Goats Head Soup. For it is the unequalled “Winter” that Maxy longs to hear on dark winter nights.

My friends, my brothers and sisters really, I am Jonesin’ for a Stonesin’ tonight.

The incomparable “Drive” will reverberate my underground sanctuary until I am lifted beyond the heavens. Praise Allah!!!

I have a confession to make. I am starting to really like a few songs on Goddess. So blow me!

There will be a summit again in NYC next year. I just shot a load in my pants. Annie, please come change my nappies.

Tonight the red wine goes down both bitter and sweet. For you see Steel Driving Hammer has still not apologized to me for his un-American attack on me. He has broken the bond that us C10’ers forged in blood, music, chiba, alcohol and raw meat. Why?

Tonight I am sure to play Love In Vain from Welcome to New York (MSG ’72). If I can predict the exact moment that I will weep tonight, it will be then. Oh dear sweet Mick Taylor!

So my fellow Stonesologists, have a great Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate. Don’t forget to see Gandalf, Bilbo and Frodo this weekend. For the ring must be destroyed.

So remember:

Get a little wobbly...

Relax a little too...

Sit in your Lotus Couch...

Enjoy an ice cold brew...

Stones are all that matter...

Ever present like the sun...

The music churns your baby batter...

Before it makes you run.


Your pal,

12-21-01 06:09 PM

Dig it, B!!!

Have a bloody fantastic evening, to be sure.

12-21-01 07:16 PM
steel driving hammer Jee that was good.

Our C10 Bond needs no forgiveness.
Our C10 Bond speeks in words unspoken.
Our C10 Bond exites but blushes w/ shyness.
Our C10 Bond will never ever be broken.

High Bloody Five.

Get the inner power of Keith as JJF Double Door. Manna.

He is GOD, but so is Charlie.
12-21-01 11:34 PM
Maxlugar Is that your apology to me Steelie?

Doesn't look like one.

I know if I accussed you of doing that to me, I'd be a fuck of a lot more apologetic.
12-22-01 06:24 AM
steel driving hammer Ok, you want plain English ?

I'm sorry for thinking you were the Still Drunken Idiot.

How do you know what order of discs are in the 400 changer?
Like lets say if Charlie came over and asked you if you had Voodoo Lounge, how would you know what slot it's in?
12-22-01 09:52 AM
nankerphelge I'm so glad you two made up.
Sniff sniff.
It's a damn shame to see a fine C10 arrangement gone wrong.

Everybody sing (to the tune of White Christmas:
I'm dreaming
of some fine chiba
just like the kind
I used to smoke

With its leaves all glistnin'
And everyone listnin'
to see when its
their time to toke

I'm dreamin of another summit
just like the one in ol' C-town
where my pals dance round
like clowns

and may all your chiba Joey
be found

12-22-01 05:53 PM
Joey 'I don’t want The Who

With their Odds and Sods '

What???? Thatis the album that contains the track " Naked Eye . "

Smoke a little dope ......

Speaking of Dope , has anybody seen my Chiba ????? Hey , that is a great song title . I really have lost my dope again , though . I hate it when my "hits" fall out of my car .

Anybody seeeeeeeeeeeeen myyyyyyyyyyyyy CCCCCCCCCCCChiiiiiiiba ??????
12-22-01 10:35 PM


It's a good thing you don't smoke crack-- you'd be "losing it" much more than the weed & in quite a few more ways than one ; )

Love to you,my prince~{take a look under those Jockeys & that copy of DirtyWork you kept as a coaster!}

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