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Dirty Work

Thanks to you.
I'm hardly ever blue.
Upon the morning dew.
I caress your hard rockin' stew.
It always feels new.
You make me purr and koo.
And if you all had a clue.
Tonight, you'd play Had It With You.

Maxlugar 1/11/02
Photo is Maxy Von Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily in 1983

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12-21-01 02:02 AM
Moonlight Mile Would you guys mind if me and a few buddies started spamming this board on a regular basis and flaming some of the regulars? Just curious as to your thoughts on that. Thanks in advance. Sorry if this question has been posted before. Haven't had time to read through all the many threads.

Wait a minute. Never mind. That wouldn't be too cool to some of the regs on this board I like. Wouldn't be too cool to the board owners either. In fact, wouldn't be cool at all. Yep, anyone considering doing that, or actually doing it, should reconsider. More I think about it, that might actually be un-American.

P.S. I'm still kinda new at this message board sitch. What does it mean to "leave" a board? Is that internet code for lurking and spamming under a different name? I couldn't find a definition for that shit in the FAQs. Help me out. Set me straight. I'm just a "neo-fight."

Well, you know where to find me. And again, thanks in advance for any answers that you may wish to provide. Please, of course, provide said answers under a name that may possibly identify yourself. If you can . . . .
12-21-01 07:27 AM
Maxlugar You make Maxy say "Huh?"

Moonie, C10. It is so good to see you. But your post implies a rather odd question. Are you implying us good folks who have come seeking a better life have actually been spamming the other board under false names?

If so, and I can only speak for myself, you are wrong. SDH has implicated me in such Un-American activities. He is wrong. I am still waiting for my apology. No email. No post. No nothing.

Moonlight, you are my C10 brother forever. I have even gathered wood with you in the wilds of 2000 Man's CLEVELAND paradise. Why would I try to cause problems with you guys?

Please reconsider your question or I will insert the left foot of my Life Sized Billy Preston Action Figure in your sphincter.

12-21-01 09:51 AM
nankerphelge I, too, am confused by my brother of the bond. I have posted at the old board a few times since leaving -- even twice under an admittedly different name, but never for the purpose of spamming, slamming, or otherwise antagonizing.

I have no grudge, problem, animosity, or axe to otherwise grind with anyone from my self-imposed exile. I hope it twas not I to which he is referring.

12-21-01 10:56 AM
Joey I still can't believe Tony has not E-Mailed you yet Maxy .

Some Lurker at the other board is teasing him a bit , but Steelie has always taken that stuff in stride .

I kinda like the " Over/Under " bit though , especially now that I have got a good grasp on the concept .

The Christmas Eve " Over/Under " on Hammer is now 17 1/2 by the way .

12-21-01 06:08 PM


Steelie ASSured me last evening that he apologised to yer wildly wonderful arse and i believed him.

Perhaps I shall not be quite so gullible in the future.

Painful shit ; * indeed.

12-24-01 02:01 AM
Moonlight Mile Sorry, my bruddas. Its just that all signs lead here. These "SDI six" appear at the same time your Mayflower sets sail for this new world -- with a caravan of approximately six, if I'm not mistaken? Also at that time some "lurker in amazement" shows up. His shit is mostly incomprehensible, (I think he is actually a drunken SDI who forgot the SDI password) but the one thing he seems to "know" is that over here on the other side of the great Stones divide there is a some kind of subversive effort afoot designed to trash and bash the Gas board.

But, coincidences can be just that. Coincidences. Yep.

Despite what my rotgut induced post said, I didn't really want "answers." Altho not clear, I was really just appealing to the patriotic and superior sensbilities of those I think are SDIing, and believe are over here, to stop the campaign. Its fucking up Gasland. And if Gasland gets tubed, I'll have to return to my old Night Ranger board and I really don't want to do that. Everyone hated me there. They used to make fun of me and call me names like "chisel chops" "clam bake" and "piss neck." It made me sad. Still does to this day. To this very day.


I harbor no ill will - NONE - to SDI and his/her/their/its progeny.

Hope to see you dudes in '02. But Maxluger, if you or anyone else comes near my sphincter, I'll bust a goddam cap in your ass!!!!!

"Its the one up top Ronnie!"
12-24-01 07:41 AM
Maxlugar (In my best Yodo voice)

Moonie, turn your eye inward. The fox lives within the hen house.

(Back to my regular Maxy voice)

Do you honestly mean to say that you are now shocked, SHOCKED!, to see people flaming under false names in that board? That has been a mainstay of that baord for years. Maybe I'm very out of the loop and didn't get the secret underground news letter telling me to go post as SDI and destroy the gas board. Maybe you are right. But I doubt it. I myself am a firm believer of the one screen name all the time.

The truth will out, you'll realize we're sweet hearts together......
12-24-01 12:47 PM
FujiSaki Larry Hagman registered on this board?
12-24-01 04:33 PM
Moonlight Mile Awright, awright, I'm sorry to all encompassed within verbiage. So I'm not Columbo. Thats no reason to get snippy, Mr. Maxwell Luger. If that is your real name . . .

On June 16, 2001 the hit counter of the WET page was inserted here, it had 174,489 hits. Now the hit counter is for both the page and the board.
The hit counter of the ITW board had 1,127,645 hits when it was closed and the Coolboard didn't have hit counter but was on line only two months and a half.