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Dirty Work

Thanks to you.
I'm hardly ever blue.
Upon the morning dew.
I caress your hard rockin' stew.
It always feels new.
You make me purr and koo.
And if you all had a clue.
Tonight, you'd play Had It With You.

Maxlugar 1/11/02
Photo is Maxy Von Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily in 1983

[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Ch2: Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]


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Topic: Bill Wyman coming back? Return to archive
12-18-01 12:22 AM
Happy Motherfucker Just was wondering what you guys think the chances are of Bill coming back for the 40th anniversary tour? Would that be to cool! The sound is nowhere as good today as it was when Bill was there. The bass is kind of buried in the mix to much. Bill had it thump'n along like no one else does. I would say it is not completly out of the question. What do you cats think?
Also, they need to get Mick Taylor to sit in on some special shows. They really need to make this a great tour for the fans and give us what we want. Whatever they throw our way, I know it will be great!
12-18-01 12:13 PM
sandrew I think that's a nonstarter. Wyman isn't exactly on warm terms with the boys anymore ...
12-18-01 12:50 PM
Maxlugar Bill "The little hands that could" Wyman is currently busy with something FAR more valuable: Finishing Stone Alone part II. This will be the book that answers many many questions about the band we've all been discussing. This will be the gospel! The Dirty Work sessions figure to be a great chapter alone!

Take your time "wee hands"!

But damn, I wish he would come back and complete that little equation that I like to call "The Drive".

Bill Wyman + Charlie Watts x Keith Richards = The Drive.


12-18-01 12:58 PM
nankerphelge I think they can get Bill back. He might not be on the best of terms with the band, but he is an Original member unlike Micky T. Throw enough dough and young stinkers his way and I bet he'll do it.

I also think Micky T. will be invited to play on some songs during the tour. Whether he'll do it or whether he stick out the whole thing remains to be seen.

But both would make great press/promo and would be the type of icing on the cake that you cannot get from stages and lights alone. It is the uniqueness that could draw old hardcores out of the woodwork.

12-18-01 02:25 PM
Gazza Whats all this fascination with getting people back who willingly left in the first place? Fuck nostalgia..

Bill left and CLEARLY has no interest in the band anymore or what theyre doing..he doesnt even sign memorabilia unless its to do with the Rhythm Kings. He has stated he doesnt even like the band's music anymore. He has been to one Stones concert since he left the band - and even then he left before the end! Whats the point of wanting him back or even fantasising about it? HE DOESNT WANT TO DO IT!

Hes moved on and at least he was honest enough to quit because he wanted to spend more time with his family and because he was bored with the whole circus. It took ten years to get him on a plane again to do a short stint in the US this summer due to his fear of flying. What good's that gonna be if the Stones are gonna do a world tour that involves flying every other day for months on end? For quitting because his heart wasnt in it anymore, he deserves respect. He's doing what he wants to do and every interview Ive seen with him since leaves me in no doubt - hes happy & doesnt regret leaving.

Time waits for no - one. ...Move on,folks!
12-18-01 02:27 PM
Cardinal Ximinez IMO, you guys are all buying into VERY wishful thinking. Lil' Mick & Bill QUIT on the Stones. The one thing that Mick & Keef have always insisted on is loyalty to the band. Brian got all fucked up and stopped showing up. He was shown the door. Lil' Mick walked out the door. Bill walked out the door. Mick and Keith's door only swings one way, once you shut the door behind you, it doesn't open back up.

I think you'll find that the "special guest stars" on the next PPV will be Lil' Mick and Bill. One off and done. That is the only bone that the Stones will throw those guys. And quite frankly, even THAT is more than they deserve.
12-18-01 03:00 PM
Maxlugar Oh stop all this crap about quiting. All this, hey they walked out and they shuold NEVER be let back in.

I have a little tid bit to throw out: It's all ending soon anyway. These guys are going to all be in their 60's soon. The Stones are either ending or the Stones as we know them will be ending. The day is rapidly approaching where they will be doing small venues and releasing an album every 15 years.

Hey, they're still alive WHY NOT let them back if they wanted to? It's a moot point anyway because they don't want to. But if they did, I would really hope Mick and Keith would accomodate them.

And lets be frank here: Would you rather see Mick Taylor come back and boost the music to the point that crap like Chuck Leavell and the fucking up town horns aren't needed anymore or not?

This is not the Stones circus rolling through our towns every few years and making albums every year. It's totally changed and changing more every year. So I say, if they ever wanted to come back they should be able to. And it has nothing to do with hanging on to the past. I firmly believe that a Mick Taylor/ Keith Richards combo today would bring the music in unbelievable directions that they have never gone before. They are much better than they were when they used to play together. The possibilites are delicious.

Both Bill and Mick T have VERY valid reasons for wanting to leave anyway. So I'm not holding my breath. But wanting them to is not something you'll ever see me apologizing for.

12-18-01 05:39 PM
Joey The prodigious tome " Stone Alone I " has already outsold the Bible and " Stone Alone II " should double that mark . Everyone wants to hear the " Real " reason Mick Taylor quit the Stones ......only bill knows for sure .

" Dance Like A Clown For Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

12-18-01 06:56 PM
Angiegirl I heard Bill say that Stone Alone part II is already finished (but maybe not printed etc.) and that it should come out very very soon and that he is working to get part III finished. He said that he's trying to find a sort of ghostwriter to make a book of his info and data, but he never succeeds with anyone. I think I saw that on his own website some months ago when he answered a fans question on some Q&A or something.
12-19-01 05:19 AM
Jane Wyman Let Bill stick to his hamburgers, please
12-19-01 06:12 AM
FujiSaki just out of curiousity, what makes everyone so sure that Mick and Keith wouldn't let them back in? A lot has happened since they both left the band. I tend to doubt but there may come a time when MT or Bill or both want back in and Mick and Keith want them back in. All I'm saying is, you never know.

Fuck Me Up The Ass Ronnie
12-19-01 01:52 PM
Mother baby Gotta disagree with Gazza on this one. What's the matter with a bit of nostalgia really? Hasn't every Rolling Stones tour since (1981?) had at least a bit of "nostalgia" in it?
12-19-01 01:56 PM
Mother baby It may be nostalgia but the fact is Bill IS the Rolling Stones bass player, as is Stu the Piano player. least as far as what my understanding is. The REST are the "sidemen".
12-19-01 03:02 PM
Gazza >Gotta disagree with Gazza on this one. What's the matter with a bit of nostalgia really? Hasn't every Rolling Stones tour since (1981?) had at least a bit of "nostalgia" in it?

To a point ,yeah..I mean strictly speaking if youre playing any OLD songs,its nostalgia to a degree..however,I dont think the Stones see themselves as a nostalgia act in the way that - for example - the Beach Boys would be. The (ie the Stones) still write and perform new material and it still is commercially successful.I'd also imagine thata s performing artists theyre still trying to rework their older material and improve on it. Any interview you see with Mick Jagger you'll invariably see him recoil somewhat when an interviewer goes on too much about the 60's. He's much more interested in where his/the Stones' music is NOW -which considering the fact that theyve achieved more than enough to rest on their laurels is pretty admirable.

>It may be nostalgia but the fact is Bill IS the Rolling Stones bass player, as is Stu the Piano player. least as far as what my understanding is. The REST are the "sidemen".

With all respect,I have to disagree. Bill ceased to be the Stones' bass player the day he left the band. He didnt even sign the band's contract with Virgin in the early 90's. The Stones are a 4 piece band. Mick T,Bill,Stu and Brian may be inextricably linked to the band through their past association with them and their contribution cant and shouldnt be forgotten but the fact is that Bill and Mick T moved on of their own accord. Stu and Brian sadly werent given that choice admittedly and were let go and are no longer with us to be given the option of being "asked back" (its maybe not quite the same in Stu's case as he still was playing with the band until his death and probably still would be if he were still alive)

if past members joined the band onstage occasionally (like Taylor did in 81 in kansas city) thats fine...its good to see they still get along!! But on a full time basis? I dont think thats at all likely and i honestly dont believe the others would consider it for a moment. As i mentioned earlier,I think the band WOULD see that as exclusively a nostalgia exercise and whilst it would be nice for some,I dont think thats what theyre about

12-19-01 06:23 PM
Mikey I think Darryl Jones kicks ass! Adds some new funk to "Miss you", "JJF" and "Out of Control". Can't get Keith's comments out of my head after the "Secret Gig" at the RPM Club in Toronto in 94, Darryl's first public gig.

"My man Darryl Jones hangin' rock solid!"
12-19-01 06:31 PM
Mother baby Well, maybe it's kind of the best of both worlds. Of course Mick doesn't consider the Stones a nostalgia act. I don't either but that element plays a part in that a 40 year run is almost unheard of (Exaviar Cugat?). In that ilk you've got Dylan,not exactly a nostalgia act either, the Who, some other assorted surviviors but not bands really. Little Richard still rears his "ugly head" once in awhile ("the little --- with the earring and the make up"). But I may be a little sentimental. Bill was the bass for over 30 of those years so it kind of wears some tracks in the road. The bass isn't that important in any given band really I guess. Piano can be really important though... depending. It's all in how it all plays out I guess.
12-19-01 07:44 PM


I disagree that bass is "not that important" in a band...we're talking engine room here, backbone, spine.

I think Darryl's cool for the interim, but of course i wouldn't mind hearing Bill play a bit next year,{who in their right mind wouldn't?} tho in my heart of hearts i know it just "ain't gonna happen".

Keith's a loyal cat & don't take too kindly to deserters. They weren't exactly doing Vegas when Billyboy cut out, you know ; )

12-19-01 07:56 PM
Gazza Darryl's cool.....and Miles Davis wasnt the sort of dude who would hire dead wood!

One thing about Dylan though that separates him from practically anyone else whos been doin the rounds for decades is the way he keeps reinventing his own songs. his original records are seen as just a template or first draft and those songs get reworked,rearranged and rededicated from one year to the next. Sometimes it works,sometimes it doesnt but at least hes not just rehashing songs by playin them in the same way they were originally written 30 plus years ago. The sign of a great performing artist,i think.
12-19-01 08:59 PM
Happy Motherfucker A reply to "The bass is'nt that important". I beg to differ on that. The bass is an extreamly important mechanism for any rock band. Just try to picture your favorite tune kick'n along without the bass. Hard to do huh. The bass holds down the groove, without it the song tends to get lost. The stones without Bill, The Dead without Phil, sounds pretty empty to me!
12-19-01 09:23 PM
the lepper If Bill and Mick wanted to come back for the tour, I'm sure Mick and Keith would have them. We all know the ONLY reason these guys still do it is for the MONEY. You know it and I know it. Sure Keith is first and foremost a musician, but a Rolling Stones tour is constructed from day one to MAKE LARGE SUMS OF MONEY. Don't think they wouldn't recognize the fact that Bill and Taylor joining on would assist them in drawing more MONEY.
12-19-01 10:31 PM
FujiSaki I really don't think the sound of a bass is that important to the Stones sound. Maybe the way the other instruments play off of it but the only reason I'd truly want Bill back that badly *is* nostalgia, I suppose. It'd be great to see the real Stones together on stage. Frankly I don't really see what contributions Bill could make that would be that much greater than Daryl's. Hell, I'd even go so far as to say only a handful of great bass players have made a big impact on their bands. (John Entwistle, first and foremost, obviously.)
12-19-01 10:34 PM
FujiSaki moreover, I now don't really see it as nostalgia to such an extent. The Stones could get Eric Clapton to replace Ronnie Wood if they so desired. He's a better guitarist than Ronnie, Brian, Mick T and even Keith have ever been BUT he's not a Rolling Stone. Neither is Daryl Jones.

Replace me Ronnie.
12-19-01 10:57 PM


Keith& Eric's LARGE egos could never withstand the same stage...cepting with Chuck & the likes of their other mentors ; )

That's about it, babe. They didn't even record on Hubert's record on the same day...

; )
12-19-01 10:59 PM
FujiSaki I know that they couldn't. I was talking from a more musical perspective.

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