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Dirty Work

Thanks to you.
I'm hardly ever blue.
Upon the morning dew.
I caress your hard rockin' stew.
It always feels new.
You make me purr and koo.
And if you all had a clue.
Tonight, you'd play Had It With You.

Maxlugar 1/11/02
Photo is Maxy Von Kinky Kink Kinko Kinkily in 1983

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Topic: Ronnie's Shepherds Bush Show Return to archive
12-14-01 12:03 PM
Robin Bryson
Anyone else see this catastrophe?

The show was an absolute disaster. Ronnie was drunk, stoned or both and forgot most of the words, and indeed the music, to most of the set. I felt sure we were watching a first rehearsal rather than a major London showcase.

Even from my distant viewpoint (subsequently confirmed by others) it was crystal clear that the poor musos on stage really had no idea where their leader was heading next.

Revelation of the evening was Slash. The show did catch fire while he was on. Pretty much note perfect solos and bags of energy

All in all a disgrace. The only minor saving grace being a pretty fair rendition of Stay With Me for an encore. Leaving Here, to be fair, was also o.k.

The gig was recorded for both vision and sound. Somehow I doubt any of that will ever see the light of day...

We all know Ronnie can do better. Let's hope he cleans up his act (in both senses of the word!) soon and returns to show us what he's really capable of.

12-14-01 12:38 PM
nankerphelge That's the Ronnie we all know and love -- second show of the "tour" and he's fucked up. Great! Oughta be a great tour next year.

I say, if he can't handle it, the Stones should cut him loose. Bad enough Keith is on autopilot anymore -- no fucking wonder Jagger is out on his own, his fucking band is a traveling AA show.
12-14-01 12:38 PM
high and dry Hello. I'm new to the board. I saw Ronnie at Shepherds Bush and loved it. It's what rock 'n' roll should be: raw and spontaneous, not slick and totally bland like Jagger's latest excuse for an albom.
12-14-01 01:29 PM
Stray Cat Keith on autopilot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's held the band together for the last 2 tours ! When did Ronnie last nail a riff? My greatest Stones memory was at Wembley stadium in june '99. Mick and Keith at the stage edge during "Out of control",with Keith playing that monster riff like only he can - THE GREATEST !
12-14-01 01:47 PM
sandrew Great ... Can't wait to hear more of those elementary, static solos - like the one on "Respectable" from No Security. Ronnie's playing was really sharp on the '89-'90 tour. (His chops on the Atlantic City PPV show, for example, were fantastic.)

He was passable on the Voodoo Lounge tour, played some nice things on the Stripped album. I don't know what happened to him after that. He's barely a factor on the Babylon album, and his playing on the last tour was inexcusably erratic. I'll give him this, though: At least he chooses not to play at all some of the time, instead of playing badly.
12-14-01 02:21 PM
Maxlugar And the wind....

It cries....


Dear God,

Please bring Mick Taylor back to the band that means so much to me. I promise to lead holy life. Free of sin.

Thanks Big Guy!

Imagine, if you will:

Those amazing licks playing along side a revitalized Keith. A Keith that is playing in earnest and not flayling about and kicking. So sir. Keith would realize that he himself will be bringing the band down. He himself will be "Ronnie". And that my friends will wake his ass up. You see, Keith is not too far gone for redemption. Ronnie is. Hey! Lets ditch Ronnie for Slash! I think we ALL can agree on that one.

Your welcome!

Maxy Von Slashy
12-14-01 02:29 PM
Joey My Maxy....

I would like to nibble your elbows and caress your kneecaps .

Ronnie is going the way of Brian Jones. Get rid of him.

Later ,

Gotta Bail everyone ,

Gotta Jet my Stonesily Cousins,

12-14-01 03:16 PM
Happy Motherfucker I disagree. So Ronnie does'nt hit it at a couple of shows and you're ready to throw him out on his ass. No sir, He is a part of the Stones and when they hit the road next year he WILL be in fine form. Jagger will make damn sure of that! Forget it boys, Taylor ain't coming back so take what'cha can get.
12-14-01 03:30 PM
sandrew I don't want Taylor back - at least not his current incarnation. Ronnie is staying put; I've never thought any different. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it.
12-14-01 03:42 PM
gimmekeef Too late for changes..we're stuck with hoping that they get it together.But hell every tour for me has been a bonus since 1972 anyway so I'll take waht I can get.Waddy Wachtel would be a better fit than Taylor IMO.He palyed a helluva solo on the album version of Saint.
12-14-01 03:48 PM
sandrew Do we know for sure that was Waddy? The tone sounds an awful lot like Ronnie . . .
12-15-01 04:28 AM
marko Waddy played solo on anybody seen my baby,the solo end of the song.Damn good one.
12-15-01 08:35 AM
Stray Cat NO OFFENCE INTENDED, but - An American as a main,core member? ....I THINK NOT !!!!!!!
12-17-01 09:14 AM
nankerphelge Taylor ain't coming back except maybe for a couple of songs on the tour. The frustrating thing about Ronnie isn't that he can't play -- listening to Let It Bleed on the Double Door video, there is no question the guy can play. The issue is whether he chooses to. That he doesn't at times, in my mind, is unaccpetable -- to the band and its legacy and to its fans who shell out mucho buckos to hear all of them contribute.

Personally, I think they had better have a big sit-down players only meeting to discuss what the Stones 2002 show will be, and more importantly what it will not be. A half-assed rehash of sloppy play and coasting ain't gonna cut it.

12-17-01 10:00 AM
Maxlugar Exactly, my brother in Stonesia from DC.

It is truly offensive that Ronnie can still play but CHOOSES not to.

I could accept it more if he was just burnt out but he's not.

He actually goes out there and CHOOSES not to give it is all.

I weep when I watch Paris '76 and see him, eyes closed, just wailing during WIld Horses. The man has the chops. He just hardly shows us those chops anymore. I'd like to put special seasonings all over those chops. Bread them. Fry 'em up in my George Foreman grill for 5 minutes. Slather them in onions and peppers. Fry 'em up for another minute. But them on my plate with some wild rice. Cut them into little pieces and let the juices run down my chin. Savor their hickory smoked flavor. With each bite I'd follow up with a sip of a high alcohol content Fosters Oil can... and then... um.. I'm starving. I'll be at Faces and Names if anyone needs me.

12-17-01 10:20 AM
the lepper Ronnie a drinker? NO WAY!!!!! Next thing ya know, you'll be telling me he's a coke-head.....For the next Stones tour, we should just prop Ronnie up front, while Mick Taylor plays from behind the amps. MT's always been stage shy anywhow.
12-17-01 03:35 PM
Gazza >Waddy played solo on anybody seen my baby,the solo end of the song.Damn good one.

My favourite solo on any Stones song of the last 25 years or so. Its beautiful
12-17-01 03:42 PM
marko So,besides me,you´re the only one who likes it.Thru,it didn´t work live,allways.
12-19-01 11:18 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Today I received four photos by our friend Erik Engholm from Sweden, we met him in Hartford and he travelled to London to see Ronnie at the Shepherds Bush Empire on December 11

One of them was edited by me, the pic lost some gloss but the background is clearer, this pic is the current header and both, the original and the edited photos are these:



In the distribution list he included, between others, our friend Stonesdoug and of course he already uploaded them to his site, so to avoid more space on the net I'm gonna post the very same photos Erik sent to the Stones community for your delight from there:

For more photos by Bjørnulf Vik check this site out, it includes all Ronnie Wood gigs in London and Dublin and great fan reviews including revised setlists:
12-20-01 11:34 AM
moy who's the person in ronnie's t-shirt?
12-20-01 12:10 PM
sandrew Crazy Horse?
12-20-01 04:21 PM
Robert Schneeweiss No one forced Taylor to quit, so he's out, end of story! I think Ron will be ready for 2002, but if not, Taylor would be the next best axe. Hopefully Ron can stay sober in the interim.

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