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Remembering the Tour - show by show marathon
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza - San Siro, Milan - 11th July 2006
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28th December 2007 01:03 AM
Daethgod Sydney Telstra Stadium, Sydney, Australia - 11th April 2006

how can we forget

what a show
what a crowd
what a band

come back soon you scrawny farkers

28th December 2007 04:50 AM
corgi37 Maaaaaaate. It's like it was only yesterday. What an amazing night. Still. Clear. Warm. A great buzz in the crowd. The seats were incredible. Well, they were the bands seats, after all! And we got you to thank for that!

4 fucking rows from the front! We got lotsa pics. Some little clips. We heard some fantastic songs. Man, they played so good. They were smiling and laughing. Well, i would too after spending so long in America and Asia.

And i got Jagger's water bottle!!!

28th December 2007 05:47 AM
Daethgod fark yer

great stuff corgs
28th December 2007 08:41 AM
bilsim Melbourne was the best.
28th December 2007 10:30 AM
glencar What does one do with a used water bottle? Kinda gross, really.
28th December 2007 02:05 PM
glencar wrote:
What does one do with a used water bottle? Kinda gross, really.

I see a sick internet film clip in the works.
29th December 2007 07:08 PM
Daethgod Remembering the Tour - show by show marathon
Melbourne Rod Laver Arena - 13th April 2006

now that was THE greatest

Worried About You
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
This Place Is Empty
Sympathy For The Devil

Arena gig with only 13,000
felt like a club, and teh crowd were so into it.
ALL FANS, no plebs.
no-one sat during Keefs set, and im thinking no-one took off for a hotdog and a slash either.
Me and my crew were 6 seats from stage Keef side, right next to B Stage ramp.
When the started show with a 10 min version of Satisfaction, me and the missus jumped over the seats and high tailed it to the front. Hung there till end of 1st song after being poked and hassled by security. Was worth it tho.

quick review i wrote at the time for iorr :

Review by Peter Mobbs, Ocean Grove
oh my god ! what a freaking show. When I saw the small keyboard being brought out I nearly died ! WORRIED ABOUT YOU !!!!!!!! it was farken unbelievable. plus Shes So Cold, Sway, AINT TOO PROUD TO BEG !!!!

The band were so on, and this was THE greatest crowd i have rocked with. Pretty much EVERY dude was up all night. and NO-ONE sat down at all during Keefs set, it was amazing to see everyone standing during TPIE. sorry to say it corgi baby, but this was even better than Sydney.

Brown Sugar was a total train wreck, Micks ear piece was playing up and he came in at the wrong time twice, the band kept drudging along. It was great to watch, Mick sauntered over to Chuck to get back in time. A lesser band would have stopped and restarted, but not our boys.

Oh yer the sound - ALL GUITARS !!! and Bobby was back. and i ended up on the big screen ! I saw the cameraman working the crowd, as he hit me i looked right down the lens and was shaking my groove thang .. next sec everyone around me is yelling and shrieking, I was on the freaking screen, full tight heads hot .. going off my nut. wooot !

a couple of better reviews of that show (from iorr):

Review by Jonny Lamar, Melbourne
My seventeenth show and after the noise problems in Sydney, I'm happy and proud to say it was possibly the best stones show I've ever seen. Many things make a good show, seating position, sound, set list, crowd and tonite it all came together. Even the monumental fuck up in Brown Sugar was proof that The Stones are a real band of humans and shit happens and 'we will get ourselves out of it' and they did. Anyway, She So Cold seems to have been rehearsed a bit from earlier versions I've seen and was the ancient art of weaving personified. Then I truly, honestly shed a tear as Keith came out with the zermatis skull guitar and did a killer version of Sway and if that wasnt enough, the next song was worried about you... game over. I nearly left then and could have died a contented stones fan. The sound was crystal clear and Ronnie was on fire although after a great start to the solo in Worried About You, he did meander and lost the key phrasing. The band seemed to be really enjoying themselves although Jagger seems to be a bit testy with Keith at times especially the beginning of Worried About You where Keith seemed to come in a little early and Jagger gave him a few 'what the hell' looks. Further evidence of them enjoying themselves, the end of Ain't too Proud to Beg went on for a while with an extended Keith solo after which he was seen to jokely apologise to Chuck for going on too long. Overall I am so happy I'm now speechless. Tonight and with Soldier Field, Chicago last Sept, the best two Stones shows I've seen. P.S. And Bobby was back for Brown Sugar solo.

Review by Paul Johnstone
It wasn't the nearly $400 Australian for a ticket (+ US$100 to join the RS fan club to get the $400 ticket), but this was the best Stones show I've seen. It was raw and honest, with proper guitar levels for once and a looseness and warmth that I didn't see during the 40 Licks or Voodoo Lounge shows I saw here in Australia. (I have to go back to Kooyong 1973 to recall that sort of playing. But listen to tapes from the Perth and Kooyong shows and you'll see what I mean). Not that the band wasn't tight, but this felt like real rock & roll again. There were a few mistakes and missed cues, but this made it all the more real for me.

I reckon Rod Laver Arena with 13000 seats is just right. It felt like a much smaller venue than this, especially when the B stage thing happened. My seat was right next to the B stage - perfect. Up so close to the guys is a bit scary, but unforgettable. The crowd was not "sedate" at any stage (as some reports from Sydney suggested) - just about everyone was up on their feet rocking the whole time, as far as I could see. At the end, there was even a buzz that there might be a second encore, but no. When the band was introduced, there was a significant amount of love in the house, especially when Ronnie, Charlie and Keith were called forward. Very intimate.

I've never heard Ronnie play better - I prefer his Faces-style great ragged solos than the polished CYHMK-style of the 40 Licks tour (as impressive as that was). When he wasn't soloing, his sound melted into Keith's. But you could clearly hear the two different guitar sounds this time around. Keith and Charlie were as great as ever and Mick worked the crowd beautifully. Mick was in especially good voice. I haven't seen Charlie hit the drums harder - he looked very fit. Keith mostly played his big white Gibson - the sound was ringing and unmistakable.

Here in Melbourne we got a better song list than Sydney, IMO - She's So Cold, Sway, Worried About You and Ain't To Proud To Beg replaced You Got Me Rocking, Dead Flowers, Angie and It's Only Rock And Roll. The set order was really well put together too. Highlights for me (apart from the whole occasion and seeing the band close up at the B stage):

Satisfaction - those chords do it for me every time
Let's Spend The Night Together - after waiting years, fantastic
She's So Cold - ditto. What a rocking trio to kick things off!
Sway - just superb
Worried About You - great vocals and dynamics
Tumblin' Dice - Keith's riffing
Night Time Is The Right Time - Lisa Fischer excels
Happy - Keith was apparently in heaven for this one
Get Off My Cloud - B stage punk rock
Honky Tonk Woman - B stage raunch
Paint It Black - Keith's delicate guitar intro leading into Charlie's heavy drums
Start Me Up - unbelievably good version. Much better sitting at this end of the setlist than its 40 Licks spot near the beginning. Fantastic.
JJ Flash - like Satisfaction, those chords do something special to me
Brown Sugar - Mick screwed-up the vocal intro, but eventually everything came back into line. Bobby Keys surfaced to do his solo.

I would have loved to hear All Down the Line, Midnight Rambler and Gimme Shelter, but you can't have everything. Out of the 21 songs, 9 were new to me in a live show - not bad. In fact all 21 songs were strong.

Overall, it was a great party atmosphere, great sound, great spontaneous playing. I think everyone left happy.

29th December 2007 07:20 PM
Daethgod some of my fave snaps of this show

pic is of my 63 year old Dads hands as teh B stage motors past... love that shot

30th December 2007 07:29 AM
aussiestonesfan Hi Guys (and Gals!), think this is only my 2nd post on here, but read all the time..

What an amazing show it was (melbourne!)!!!!!!! Being only 15 at the time, it was my first Stones show and I was absolutely blown away. I mean I was expecting it to be great, but it was just so indescribably awesome! I've been at a Grand Final (Aussie rules football) with a 100,000 people,. but nothing has ever compared to the sound that was made when Mick introduced Keith, it was so amazing. Set was awesome, loved every word and the whole crowd sang along to every song. YCAGWYW has always been one of my faves, and the part where Mick stopped singing and it was just the crowd was amazing and unbelievable. The moving B-Stage was amazing and they came so close to me for 2 of my all-times favourites - Honky Tonk Women and Get Off OF My Cloud, which were both stunning.
So all in all, an amazing night and definitely one of the best of my life.
30th December 2007 04:35 PM
gypsymofo60 I thought Flemington was a gas, gas gas! Hey Woody?
30th December 2007 06:26 PM
bilsim that was an amazing show. My australian girlfriend got us tickets and we were right in the middle of it. Fantastic crowd, set and energy from the whole night. Really brilliant.
31st December 2007 06:26 PM
RSRTG Got given a bootleg dvd of the rod laver concert when I was in the UK. Its surprisingly very good.
Far out,the 2006 Oz shows seem a while ago now as does those last shows in London 2007.
Dunno if I can afford to see them in 2008 if they tour the U.S.I sold my car to get to england.
31st December 2007 08:41 PM
RSRTG wrote:
Got given a bootleg dvd of the rod laver concert when I was in the UK. Its surprisingly very good.
Far out,the 2006 Oz shows seem a while ago now as does those last shows in London 2007.
Dunno if I can afford to see them in 2008 if they tour the U.S.I sold my car to get to england.

Yeah I got that and Buenos Airies and Saitama prior to BANG official. Good quality both video and sound wise. Nice additions to the Paris, Knebworth 76/ Texas 78/ and so on I've been catching up on.

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