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Jamming backstage at Frankfurt's Festhalle, Germany October 6, 1970
By Dick Waterman

From the 40x20 Exhibition currently on tour.
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01-07-03 12:48 AM
MR D hello everybody!
this is a great board and tonight is the first time i post.
i'm a huge stones fan and i just got back from the bell
center ( molson center till recently) where i was lucky
enough to see the stones rehearse for most of the evening,
thanks to my contacts with the production.
mick wasn't there ( some say he is sick ) so bernard sang
all tunes except for the keith tunes. the boys seemed to be
in great spirits, joking between songs and the atmosphere
was very relaxed.
they started playing at 7:15 and jammed for about ten
minutes.then keith, dressed in black jeans with his army
jacket and a black hat sang slippin' away. fuckin' great!!!
then tumblin' dice with bernard on vocals followed by love
in vain with ronnie doing a solo very similar to taylor on
ya ya's out. all down the line is next with keith doing
the intro on his sunburst tele. break for supper.
about 75 minutes later, they're back and play that's
how strong my love is ( what a treat), going to a gogo,
can't turn you loose, harlem shuffle (twice), before they
make me run ( thanks keef!), the worst and can't be seen.
a few minutes before i leave, i'm face to face with mister
charlie watts backstage: hello charlie! and he gave me a
great big smile!!!
the stones are scheduled to rehearse again tomorrow and i
know hbo will be there to do an interview ( probably to be
part of the hbo special), so i guess mick will probably be
there. maybe i will be able to get in and if i do i will
post my report.
keep up the good work with the site!!!

01-07-03 12:57 AM
Highwire Rob Mr. D,

Please give a hint to them for a quick rehearsal of Highwire for Pittsburgh. Some parallels to 1991 have become even more worrisome as we embark on this New Year.

Heck, we could be at war by the time they get here Friday!

[An acoustic version of Highwire, now that would make me cry, seriously!]
01-07-03 01:08 AM



THIS is the kinda stuff we love to see around here...ThAnK YoU

...Going to A Go-Go? Shuffle ? Shit, where o where is Fingerprint F and Slave ? HotStuff? CherryOBaby?

Lookin forward to hearin ALL about tomorrow...and i was JEsT about to ask about that U.S.Army jacket...but you answered before i could ask!

Cheers and keep cool in there~! Savour it...
01-07-03 01:17 AM
Madafaka Mr. D:

First of all, welcome to the board!
Now, do you recorded that? Hehehe!

Good luck tomorrow!

01-07-03 01:25 AM
sirmoonie Mr. D!

Tx. Looking forward to the next one.

Harlem Shuffle!
01-07-03 01:57 AM
fmk438j Man, that must have been amazing.

01-07-03 02:02 AM
EthanWickedAsHeSeems This can only mean one thing...Mick has been fired for his knighthood and Bernard is going to be lead singer!! What a raise for the rest of the boys without Mick's salary! I can't wait to see lead singer Bernard do Out of Control.
01-07-03 05:30 AM
WahWahWoody Wow, MD. What agreat experience that must have been. Thanks for sharing with us and if you'll get the chance to get into another rehearsal share it with us, please!!!!
01-07-03 05:32 AM
beer Bernard sang the gawd damn songs??? Oh shit. Blasphemy!!!!

Keith should sing em all anyway...
01-07-03 09:21 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl First of all THAN YOU MR D, and how lucky you are. Rehearsals are something.

Beer, Bernard sometimes is the voice you're hearing when Mick is having problem. He has the same tessitura and the voices sometimes mix perfect.
01-07-03 09:43 AM
CS That's the kind of news we want, thank you MrD.
01-07-03 09:56 AM
Maxlugar I was going to post asking where is all the rehersal news. It's only three days away!

Thanks for this D.

01-07-03 10:10 AM
nankerphelge Actually only one day away Maxy!!

Tingle, tingle!

Oh to be sloshing down the Molson right now in Montreal! I could hop the train right now, head to the bar car, and pour myself into Montreal by sun-down!! Damn I hate missing a party...
01-07-03 10:16 AM
steel driving hammer Mr. D, nice read, thanks.

Almost seems the Stones haven't toured in years you know?
01-07-03 10:23 AM
Maxlugar Oh shit you're right Nanks, why is time going by so fast?

Is it little Maxerella?
(laugh track)

Is this what happens when you have babies?

(laugh track w/applause)

01-07-03 10:49 AM
nankerphelge Don't worry Max -- your personal sleep-deprivation experiment will soon be over and you will once again know precisely when all shows are to take place.
01-07-03 10:54 AM
Maxlugar How long does it last Nanky?

Right now she sleeps during the day and cries all night?

What have I done?

Any advice you can give me is a big help.

She is so cute when she isn't crying!

01-07-03 11:00 AM
nankerphelge Unless she's an incredible pain in the ass (like my second child) she will get over it by 3 months or so. Then she'll be on a schedule and won't wake you up all nite long.

There ain't much you can do -- she's the boss rite now!! My youngest wouldn't eat much and would fall asleep mid-feed. Then she'd wake up hungry an hour later. I used to yell "DON'T YOU FALL ASLEEP YET" to jar her back to consciousness and get her to eat more!! But even that didn't work well.

Just head down to the Casa and make sure you get the requisite amount of shut-eye!
01-07-03 11:09 AM
Maxlugar Will do Nanky!

Yeah, she falls asleep even when I'm burping her. She is indeed the boss.

I can't get drunk down in the Subterrean Taven at Casa De Maxy for awhile. I'm just now coming around about that. It was making me depressed. I just can't be stumbling around with such a tiny baby around. It won't be forever though.

Soon we'll Nolte together.
(Laugh track)

01-07-03 11:11 AM
nankerphelge Ah yes - a group Nolte! I like the sound of that. I watched Trading Places recently -- the scene where Ackroyd dresses up like Santa, chugs a ton of wine at the Christmas party, stuffs a whole salmon filet down his jacket and then eats it on the bus with it all tangled in his beard!! He couldn't even talk -- he just grunted at everyone!

That's what I'm talkin' about!!
01-07-03 11:49 AM
MR D wrote:
hello everybody!
this is a great board and tonight is the first time i post.

welcome mr d, what a great way to introduce yourself to the board, at this moment you have the best ranking, only one message and what a message, please keep us informed tonight

01-07-03 01:53 PM
Monkey Woman Thank you and welcome, Mr. D! It's great to hear about the rehearsals.
01-07-03 02:00 PM
padre Thank you, Mr. D. I'd given my left testicle to be on your shoes and watch those rehearsals. You're a very lucky man. Welcome to the board!
01-07-03 02:01 PM
LadyJane Welcome, Mr. D!! You sure know how to make an entrance!! I'm a newbie to this board and I'm loving every minute of it! We are in the company of some very twisted, very witty and very knowledgeable minds!!

01-07-03 02:10 PM
kath hiya mistah d!!! welcome to the board!!
01-07-03 02:10 PM
jb Kath..go to the chat room.
01-07-03 03:39 PM
sasca Ooh, you lucky bugger. Hi.
01-07-03 03:52 PM
Angiegirl Well, Mr.D, that's awesome! Connections do the trick! But 'I just can't make no connection'...
I would have loved to hear Bernard sing the songs! I'm in love with him, oops, I mean his voice

Welcome to RO.
[Edited by Angiegirl]
01-07-03 06:04 PM
Funky Punk Woman Sounds great! Can't wait to see them this summer
01-07-03 06:26 PM
Welcome to the board Mr. D. Great opening how exactly did you come to find yourself backstage at the rehearsal??? Details I need details!

Looking forward to more news from the inside!

Next!.... Ronnie!
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