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Jamming backstage at Frankfurt's Festhalle, Germany October 6, 1970
By Dick Waterman

From the 40x20 Exhibition currently on tour.
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Topic: WHAT WAS THE FIRST EVER STONES ALBUM YOU BOUGHT ?? Return to archive Page: 1 2
01-07-03 10:53 AM
Nasty Habits Dirty Work made me the man I am today.
01-07-03 11:14 AM
F505 "Dirty Work made me the man I am today. "

What if you had bought Sticky Fingers?
01-07-03 11:43 AM
Nasty Habits
F505 wrote:

What if you had bought Sticky Fingers? [rimshot]

No doubt woulda become a classic rock stickinthemudw/nosensahumor unable to spit on the great beast or dance on its grave. (Not that I think that description applies to anyone here, but that coulda been a consequence of Sticky Fingers at 13 yrs. old)(for me). Sticky Fingers arrived in its due time, when I was ready to learn that much about drugs.

01-07-03 11:49 AM
sirmoonie Tattoo You when 15. Love it to this day.

Just when I thought I knew everything....what is Rolled Gold? Greatest hits, I assume? Anything to recommend, like unreleased track, B side, etc.?
01-07-03 12:09 PM
quackenbush I purchased Hot Rocks when I was about fifteen. It was amazing.
01-07-03 12:14 PM
Joey Tattoo You when it was released it 1981 .

I had no idea then it would be the last great Rock and Roll Album EVER made .

" Russian Roulette Ronnie ? "

M. Joeyfly ( After my favorite play ' Madame Butterfly ' )
01-07-03 01:26 PM
egon 1992

the cbs box (purple thing with the tongue).
it had everything from 'sticky' to 'wheels'.
(plus bonus cd)
[Edited by egon]
[Edited by egon]
01-07-03 01:30 PM
MarthaMyDear Tattoo You either in 1981 OR in the early eighties... Funny how most people here got Tattoo You and in 1981, when it came-out (?!?!?!)... 1981 held ALOT of great memories for me as I was a hardcore punk rocker (if I do say so myself... lol....................... :P ) and someone I was going-out with then got me into the Stones, etc.... Anyways, take care and ROCK ON!!!

*** Martha ***
01-07-03 02:08 PM
padre Dirty Work at the tender age of fifteen. It didn't sound that bad at the time because everything new that came out in the middle 80's sounded like shit. That sure was a terrible time to start buying records. I got all the worst albums from great artists (the southern rock bands, the blues guys, etc...), 'cos for some reason it seemed to be cooler to buy the new stuff instead of vinyls from the 70's or 60's. How wrong can a boy be...
01-07-03 02:15 PM
LadyJane Goat's Head Soup. Had to run out and get it after seeing the Stones for the first time on the premiere of "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert" circa 1973.

01-07-03 02:47 PM
sasca The Hot Rocks double. I almost couldn't buy it because I had lent a friend money to buy a Transvision Vamp album.
01-07-03 03:13 PM
Dandelion* Get Your Ya Yas Out. Cut out bin. First record purchase ever for me at the age of 12 in 1980. Bought it with Talking Heads 77, also in the cut out bin.
01-07-03 03:16 PM
nankerphelge Which one did you listen to more?
01-07-03 03:22 PM
nankerphelge wrote:
Which one did you listen to more?

Ya Yas of course. I really didn't care too much for the Talking Heads one except for Psycho Killer.
01-07-03 04:06 PM
Factory Girl Let It Bleed was my first at 13 (that sounds kind of funny).

My second was Some Girls-I was 14.
01-07-03 04:18 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm pretty sure that the first Stones album that I bought was Still Life....I was still in High School, and I liked the song "Shattered"...Still Life was the only Stones album at Jamesway that had Shattered on it. So that's what I bought...on cassette, if memory serves.

The day after my first Stones show in '89, I bought about 6 Stones albums...Steel Wheels, Tattoo You, Some Girls...I don't remember what the other ones were.
01-07-03 04:28 PM
FPM C10 Thru The Past Darkly at Gordon's Dept Store in 1969. I asked for it because I thought it was only $1.99 - actually it was $4.99 and part of the "4" had rubbed off. That was a lotta money in them days.

I got the next three releases as soon as they came out and made it to Bumfuck - Let It Bleed, Jamming With Edward, and Get Yer Ya Yas Out. So by the time I got out of elementary school I was bent for life.
01-07-03 04:32 PM
Joey " Thru The Past Darkly at Gordon's Dept Store in 1969. "

I was still a Prisoner in the " Hanoi Hilton " in 1969 .

01-07-03 04:36 PM
parmeda ROTFLMAO....

Why do I have this sudden sensation while reading most of the posts here, that I'm getting fucking old? Dear God, look at some of the dates listed here...
01-07-03 04:48 PM
LadyJane Parmeda-I thought it was just me! I'm not nearly a member of the AARP, but Dirty Work as a first album!! And I thought that when I bought Goat's Head Soup at 13 I had a lot of catching up to do!! LOL
01-07-03 04:50 PM
parmeda Lady J...
Did you see what mine was?!!!! LOL!
(omg! Let's not go there...)
01-07-03 04:55 PM
LadyJane Parmeda--I actually did notice your post before my initial reply. My first thought was "now that's more like it!!"

01-07-03 05:00 PM
sasca The first Stones' album I heard was my mom's Solid Rock, a very attractive album which includes some less obvious Greatest Hits material like All Sold Out and Parachute Woman.

01-07-03 07:50 PM
littleredrooster My first Stones Album was 12 x 5 in vinyl, MONO !!
Take that Parmeda !!!!

01-07-03 08:55 PM
parmeda Thanks Roost...
I feel like a spring chicken again babe!...LOL
01-08-03 05:00 AM
F505 LadyJane wrote:
And I thought that when I bought Goat's Head Soup at 13 I had a lot of catching up to do!!

I had exactly the same feeling LadyJane. I bought Goat's Head Soup in 1973 too when I was 10 years old (actually it was a present from my parents) and I felt a bit sad because I missed the great albums, the ones my "big" brother owned. I knew it would take me years to collect them because as a 10 year old boy you've only money to buy bubble gum
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