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By Dick Waterman

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01-02-03 02:18 PM
~AzQb wrote:

RiKwItHTeWoOdEn ShOe!

...why bother...? too much free time here...not enuf of a real life i guess.

Admitting your addiction is the first step to recovery, you know.


hahaha i have a great life, thank you for asking/ worrying 'bout it. I just have 1 addiction, that is the stones, so I don't wanna recover of that!

01-02-03 02:18 PM
Joey " See my edited post JOey..I am sorry I forgot about you.."

How do I access " Edited " posts ?

01-02-03 02:24 PM
Moonisup wrote:

hahaha i have a great life, thank you for asking/ worrying 'bout it. I just have 1 addiction, that is the stones, so I don't wanna recover of that!



i was talking about myself! I've been practically CrazyGlued to this thing for going on two days now ; )

Unfortunately for me, there is no 12 Step program in my area for RoCkSOfF addicts, but on a positive note, i've admitted my addiction, and they say that is the 1st step!

01-02-03 02:25 PM
Moonisup whahahaha ok!!

Sorry Annie whahah

love, rik
01-02-03 09:03 PM
jb wrote:
The whole contest/categories was a farce....I feel personally slighted.

Buy another Hugo Boss suit, at those prices you should be feeling much better.
01-02-03 09:23 PM
~AzQb wrote:

Cool and absorbed, nanky!

I agree with you about everything you said...but that still doesn't answer my "administration" question. Which part of the trinity died and left ss deciding "what needs to be done"? And furthermore, i've watched in abject horror as he's bullied and intimidated people for over two years, sometimes into silence, but always into fear the rest of you will ignore or flame. Anyone who doesn't agree with him is thrust into frat boy hell.

That's all i want to say about that, except in addition to being a bully and a control freak, ss is one generous, loyal, and great guy.

In addition, there are several...i mean...several people who have contacted me about this in agreement. They just have too little time and too much of a life to bother addressing the situation, and i don't/.RoTfL~!


Hey! If a certain poster has a strong personality that shines through in his posts, and intimidates some people TOUGH! I've had a run in with him and found it to be one of the most humorous discussions I've been involved in here. There are other boards for the lighthearted.....SS, don't change a thing! Fuck these cry babies! If they can't see that this was about injecting a little life, and fun into the board, that's their problem, they're the ones with the insecurity issues. One more thing, this person shouldn't have to be held responsible for people's blindness, and ignorance, just because some posters misinterperate a thread, and attach meaning that was never intended doesn't make the original idea wrong. Poor fragile little dears....
01-02-03 09:34 PM
Fiji Joe Divide and conquer, eh JB?...I like the ruthless style in which you force people to decide one way or other...magnificent...

I don't know what you're complaining have a title.."Most Prolific Poster"...and cain't nobody take that from ya G...except maybe Soulie who seems to relish the one-word your back, that youngen' is gunning for ya

I don't know why you would see any of this as a slight...It's a contest, someone wins, someone loses...but, there's no crying in message boards...

Earlier this week I posted the following:

"I have to say, that some people on this board are entirely too dependent on this board to provide them some sense of self-worth...I ain't naming names but it's pretty damn obvious who those people are...This, IMO, borders on mental defectiveness...these people have issues, and not just normal issues, but Gary Coleman like issues..."

I feel that post is equally applicable to this thread...but again, I ain't naming no names...
01-02-03 09:36 PM

Take it easy, MoFogyp! are entirely right, i think, about having a thick skin around here. It's just that non-American fans lurking/posting among us sometimes can't linguistically see the humour and just see the bullying.

It makes American fans look like assholes to the rest of the world.

God, this is cathartic

01-02-03 09:42 PM
Fiji Joe Who you calling cathartic? That better mean extremely handsome with a slight scent of coconut...otherwise, you don't know me at all...
01-02-03 09:47 PM
gypsymofo60 Nah!.....It don't make American fans look like a-holes at all. Linguisticly or otherwise. If you've got half a brain you can see it is all a bit of harmless fun, where I might add, a certain generous individual put up prizes from his own collection. Even a foriegn LURKER can see that! By the way if it was such an anathema to the cause, why did people not protest immedeately? Who should be taking it easy?
01-02-03 10:07 PM
MoFoJigGyGyp !

Glad you joined the mosh pit ; )

I so thoroughly agree with you about the generosity, self-sacrifice, desiring-fun-for-the-board-motive of the Sir. I have knighted him in my heart for that forever.

What has bothered me is that for two years i've watched AlphaDog devouring with no one putting on the leash. And believe me, there are some great European fans out there who would gladly join us if not for the AlpHaHouSe hazing rituals. Not weak spineless fans, either. Just kindhearted fans who don't have time for the hazing, and don't have the Englishskills to properly express and defend themselves against an onslought. Read SS's 2nd or3rd post again about slamming and you'll see.

These potential RockSOfFers? Cool informed people with i imagine quite medium thickskins but neither the time nor the English to mosh pit with us.

I feel it a certain loss.

01-02-03 10:20 PM
Fiji Joe ~Azqb...I ain't buying all this crap you're spewing about frightened Europeans lurking on the fringes, too afraid to play any reindeer games...not at all..

I've been to countless European boards and was pummeled from pillar to post...bruised and battered, eyes swollen like a bee sting (or that North Korean dictator)...and cursed in 15 different languages...

This is a tough crowd, I'll give ya that, but it is also the most open Stones' board out there...that is the biggest difference I see between this baord and some of the others...You can disagree, sometimes vehemently with people on this board and life goes on...on those other boards, if you don't concur 100% with whatever was posted, you either have to say nothing...or pretend you're in agreement...

I kind of like the image this board has...a motley crew of outcasts and outlaws...much like America or Australia...Oh, give us your tired and poor, your huddled masses...and then let em' fight their way too the top...

01-02-03 10:25 PM
Fiji Joe And these are good people on this board...and SS is at the top of the list...
01-02-03 10:25 PM
Sir Stonesalot I don't believe you AZ.

You think you got me figured out?

You don't know fucking SHIT about me. And I guess you never did.

I really don't give a fuck if you liked this contest or not. I'll do another one whenever the fuck I feel like handing out some free shit. And you know what...LOTS of people will have fun.

Funny though, I didn't hear you bitchin' while you were posting up a storm with Dandy and Gypsy and poor Martha Packard. Looked like you were having fun to me! Yet NOW you want to bitch about it, and tell everyone how I want to CONTROL eveything.

Maxmeister and 2000 Man??? You call them REGULARS? I don't. They pop by every once in a while. That don't make them regulars. I love those 2 guys, they are my C-10 Bros, don't mean they deserved to be nominated HERE. Sure, I'd have liked to see EVERYONE get a nomination...BUT NOT EVERYONE CAN GET NOMINATED. That's the whole fucking point of nominations! Just like the Oscars, or Emmys, or the All-Star Game...someone always gets left out. Boo Hoo. Ain't that just AWFUL. The sun just WON'T come up tomorrow!!!

Wanna bet $5.00 that Katie don't give a shit? She's an adult. She can handle something silly like this. She
's a big girl with the maturity to deal with it.

Lemme say this one last time....I DIDN'T NOMINATE ANYONE!!! I simply gathered nominations from 5 people whom I thought would be objective. All 5 are highly visable here, come from different parts of the world, both sexes represented. Now, what else could I do to be more fair? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Now for the good part...who died and left me boss? No one. Geez, that was hard. You say I battered people into silence....yep, I damn sure did that. You know why....because they were dipshits who needed to SHUT UP!!! You think I just pick people out at random? I DEFY you to come up with a name of someone who I "beat up" that didn't need it, or have it coming to them. Come on, I really want to hear one. ONE! You can't do it....because I don't unsheath the sword unless it's a last resort.

I don't OWN this place. But this place OWNS me. For you to think that I would do ANYTHING to hurt this place is fucking WHACKED.

I liked you better when you were on drugs AZ.
01-02-03 10:34 PM
gypsymofo60 Az, granted I've only been around for a matter of 8 months, but in that time I figure Ol' SS gets as much as he dishes out really, and only the thin skins would be intimidated by his bombastic style, I don't think it ever becomes true vitriol anyway. What I find really weird is the way certain individuals, certain supposedly respectable members of the wider community could be so childishly churlish about a harmless bit of lighthearted banter,"Oh! I didn't get picked, sob, sob," sufficeint handwringing. I find that alarming, to say the least, far more alarming than some SS's barbs of riposte, know what I mean?.........As a matter of fact I chose this board to hang my cap because people like SS are accepted, and because this board allows a wide scope of discussion unlike others with their overt sychophancy. Come on! Let's all take it in the spirit it was meant, besides all this girlie handwringing is getting fucking embarrasing, it's starting to remind me of my Mother having a panic attack.
01-02-03 10:36 PM

I'm feeling ya!

But i guess what i'm saying is that, as a chick, i've been disgusted and appalled by the "BiGAlPhAMaLeDogFratHoUSe" Syndrome i've seen over and over here and on other message boards in the past.

Sniffing eachother's asses, you circle and growl and bare fangs and then snap a few towels when you're done sniffing for the day, slapping eachother on the back and toasting yer roasting.

Not that fem boards are any less evil.

That's about the gist of it, i guess.

Not that i'm Buelah Abzug or anything.


01-02-03 10:46 PM
Fiji Joe Well ~Azbq...if you're gonna put it that way...i.e., that this all some testosterone driven, kumbaya, mail-bonding session...I have but one thing to say...

[Edited by Fiji Joe]
01-02-03 10:47 PM
Sir Stonesalot I don't believe any of thet "Oh, there's lots of informede Euro fanns just DYING to post at Rock's off....except they are all SCARED OF SIR STONESALOT!".


Anyone who doesn't post here because they are afraid of ME, wouldn't last 2 seconds here anyway.

I'm an Alpha? Shit. I'm a SWEETHEART Alpha.

You are so full of shit I can smell you way out here in the piney woods of PA.
01-02-03 10:51 PM
Boomhauer Did you guys hear that Jimmy Kimmel has a new show coming out?

Personally, I think he should just stick with the Man Show.

Damn I love that show.
01-02-03 10:52 PM


Come on, man.

yOu KNOW you like to be the one marshalling the troops and you REVEL in firing that M16 first.

The truth is, you need to take more time considering EVERYONE INTERnATIONaLLY and the RAMifications of "doing what needs to be done around here". {mock salute.} And due to AlPhaDoG frathouse hazing ere and previously on Gasx3, you as instigator HAVE made Americans all look like assoles. Yes, thereIS a Betsy way way down inside of me LOL

You don't HAVE to wear yourself out all the time, thinking of things that need to be done around this place, and you don't HAVE to be in charge all the time.

And you CAN 'lose' a debate and not have the last word evry time.

Anyway, this thread was an oppurtunity and i took it, as any LittleQueenie at the dance should.

Next time, maybe i'll just hang with the FleaBiTPMonKeY while you throw one of your kindergarten recesses.

And if you think i'm clean, you haven't been reading very carefully ; )

Love you majorly~
01-02-03 11:06 PM

Uh Oh............

01-02-03 11:08 PM
Thank God YOU showed up!

Gloria Steinem is waiting for us to have a Cosmo or five later on....

You game, girl?

01-02-03 11:10 PM
Fiji Joe OK....I think it's time...I didn't want to do this, because it's so cliche...but,...

In the words of Rodney King...

Can't we all just...get our crack-pipes, roll through the hood in our 5.0's and get higher than a mutha fu*k?
01-02-03 11:12 PM
Dandelion* Hey - are you going to be at the Hubert thing? I really want to go. Almost ordered tickets this morning but I think I'll wait until it gets a little closer so I can be sure.
01-02-03 11:13 PM
Boomhauer Well Feej, I'm chillin' in the crib with a 40.........................................

Another day, another dolla...........for the Topp Dog with the gold fleet colla!

01-02-03 11:20 PM


You have mail ; )

01-02-03 11:24 PM
Fiji Joe wrote:
OK....I think it's time...I didn't want to do this, because it's so cliche...but,...

In the words of Rodney King...

Can't we all just...get our crack-pipes, roll through the hood in our 5.0's and get higher than a mutha fu*k?


You really DID deserve that honour tonight, SpUnKY!

Now go tell daddy the VetQueen has put her "need to be fixed" scissors back for the evening!

01-02-03 11:30 PM
Dandelion* Hey Fiji - you're showing your flabby man breasts again! Hooray!
01-02-03 11:32 PM


I miss Bill&Mandy.

01-02-03 11:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot I'm still waiting for ONE name of an innocent that I ravaged on a message board.

JUST ONE! Come on Hot Shot, you wanna make accusations...BACK IT UP! I don't think you can.

I make Americans look like assholes? I'd love to hear how you can justify saying something like that. You are calling me an asshole?

As far as being an Alpha...when have you ever heard me claim otherwise? I AM a Big Dog, a heavy hitter...SO WHAT!?! It ain't like I'm alone in that respect here.

I've heard you use the term Frat House sveral times...tell me, have you ever actually BEEN in a Frat House? I've been in LOTS of frat houses, and I've always had fun. Frat House=fun. So what is the problem?

And as far as "hazing"...I'll only jump on that if the newbie says something really dumb. Hence, they deserve it. But you know damn well I don't "haze" every single new person that starts posting here. Who the hell has time for that?!

You better not be riding the horse again. Because if you do, then YOU will be making Americans look like assholes.
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