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Jamming backstage at Frankfurt's Festhalle, Germany October 6, 1970
By Dick Waterman

From the 40x20 Exhibition currently on tour.
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01-01-03 12:03 AM
Sir Stonesalot So the Nolte goes to....

Funniest Regular for 2002-----Maxlugar
Runner-up-----Tie. Fiji Joe and Joey

Smartest Regular for 2002-----Gazza

Craziest Regular for 2002-----Joey
Runner-Up-----Miss U

Young Regular for 2002-----Honky Tonk Man
Runner-up-----Tie. The Savage Young Xyzzy, and Moonisup

Stonesiest Regular for 2002-----VoodooChile
Runner-up-----Sir Stonesalot

And the Nolte for Rocks Off MVP 2002 goes to-----VOODOOCHILE

Congratulations to all the 2002 Nolte winners.

Winners e me, and I'll give you the web address where I have my trade lists.

On a personal note...those of you that feel slighted, I'm sorry. But really, this is just a silly contest. It's nothing to get hung about.

This place can be fucked up sometimes.
01-01-03 12:06 AM
Fiji Joe Congrats to all you sorry, sh*t-bird co*ksuckers who took food off Fiji's table....Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
01-01-03 12:08 AM
Soul Survivor Congrats to all the winners!

Is there gonna be another one anytime soon?
01-01-03 12:13 AM
Boomhauer Look what you motherf**kers did to Feej.

You should be ashamed............

Congrats on winning, the contest, about..........uuuuh, the thing at Rocks, the thing where people get angry about stupid shit and somehow need to win or they will lose their self-respect thing.
01-01-03 12:15 AM
Fiji Joe Seriously though, on behalf of all of us here at Rocks Off, I would like to present to VooDooChile, our MVP, the first annual "Loving Cup"...please feel free to add this to signature for posterity...or at least until next year...or, if you like, pass it on to someone you feel might be more deserving...

[Edited by Fiji Joe]
01-01-03 12:22 AM
Boomhauer Fiji, I'm sorry man, but you are the funniest dude around here. I laugh at every thing you post.

Props to you, dog. Fashizzal in the mutha fuzzin' hizzo, Jay Bird Skally Wag Shiznit Bidness Talipinfizzal simp pimp.

Max is well deserving, though. He seems like a very funny and cool guy.

01-01-03 12:44 AM

"Congrats" indeed, "Winners"!

I'm really glad you all were acknowledged, i really am--but EVERyone here should be acknowledged in some way-- because all are valuable in their own unique way. Even the wards of the state bring a certain comic relief. i know i sound like a kindergarten teacher but open yer eyes to the obvious correlation.

I know it sounds like a "no lose" PeeWee football game-- where both teams "win" to build up the children's "self-esteem"-- maybe what i'm furtively suggesting-- But if yer gonna call it a "contest" to "appreciate" regular posters--hell, just have a couple separate threads to voice appreciation for your fellow regulars so the chance of inadvertantly leaving anyone out is lessened.
Point being, and i'm venting tonight, i know-- but something like this "contest" when we each KNOW twisted human nature being what it is--? Sure, it's a "contest" on a fucking Stones message board, and should rightly be laughed at--no make that ROARed at-- that's a given-- but some people don't get the joke, ya know?

Why does this deserve my attention?

Cos i love you guys and i'm home on fucking New Year's,doing socially unacceptable things on overload, that's why!


01-01-03 01:50 AM

...and i'm gonna fucking say it, dammit, in my present NotGiViNgAFlYiNfUcK state--

Ir's not just the kindergarten factor, either. There are quite a few people here i'd like to openly acknowledge, and maybe you'd like to voice appreciation for a few as well. Why not a thread? where everyone can cyberhug in unison? i mean, the "nominating" itself was fuckin silly. Of COURSE people will be left out of being appreciated who DeSERve to be, if the person doing the "nominating" doesn't "read" and/or "know" the person. Popularity contests suck, because the quieter, less boisterous people among us-- who maybe in an open thread would most certainly be remembered-- end up shafted.

An open thread or whatever, where a bunch of people are posting and a bunch of memories are remembering-- hell, that's the way i'd do it. One person or even five people "nominating" isn't adequate board representation. Or recall, for that matter.

Okay. Back to dirty pool!

Congratulations you guys, i mean it-- you deserved to be openly appreciated ; )


01-01-03 02:03 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh Boo fucking Hoo.

Some people got left out. Shit happens, just like in real life.

I threw this thing together in 30 seconds...and you expect it to be perfect? WTF? Why do I even put myself through this bullshit?

I was only trying to be nice, and I get a big fucking headache for my troubles. Same thing with the fucking NYC tree...I STILL have a fucking headache from that one!

You want a thread fror a big cyber hug...well, START ONE! I don't see an anchor hanging out of your ass...DO IT!

And quit bitching about my little contest. It's not my fault if people are too fucking fragile for something like this.

New New Years resolution.

1.) Stop being so fuckin' nice.
2.) Let some people find out how big of a son of a bitch I can be.

I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna let anyone walk on my ass again.

Official notice....don't fuck with SS. Big dog is done playing.

01-01-03 02:12 AM

But SS.

WHY do a contest in the first place? it doesn't make fucking sense, man.

Like you claim your motive was to voice appreciation.

Hell, i'd like to voice appreciation for Maxmeister. He's "Most Smartest" as well as Gazza, Fnag, FPM, and *dande, ain't he?

Why pick ONE? so you can give out a "prize"? What was your fucking mOTive, SS?

That's all i wanna know, really. TRuth powder working-- i think your resolutions above were great until you got silly about revealing them. NUmber one, in particular, was the best resolution of all.

Sometimes you're a fucking comtrol freak, and i'm sorry, but it's true.

01-01-03 02:33 AM
Sir Stonesalot I did it because I thought people would enjoy thinking about the past year on the board.

I thought people would get a kick out of trying to figure out who they dig, and what they dig about them.

I did it because I thought it would be a fun little time waster while we wait for the next round of shows.

I thought it would be a kick to give some deserving people a pat on the back, and some recognition.

Why NOT pick some people out and give 'em a prize? What is the big fucking deal? It ain't like the people who won don't deserve it!

And for YOU to be bitching about it after you flat out REVELLED in those damn threads is flat out hypocritical.

And why the fuck do I have to justify myself to you? Control freak? IT'S MY FUCKING CONTEST, WHO THE FUCK ELSE SHOULD CONTROL IT? I did all the legwork, and I'm putting up the discs for the someone else should run the thing? That makes no sense!

I got news for ya sweetie....If I don't run my little contests...and I'm not talking about just this one, but ALL of them...who else will do it? Who else will take the fucking initiative? Fucking NO ONE, that's who.

Like I said before, you got a better plan...STEP UP TO THE PLATE, babe. I'm done busting my hump for this place.

Happy Fucking New Year
01-01-03 02:39 AM
Fiji Joe I heard that!
01-01-03 02:47 AM


It's bullshit about your assertion i was being hypocritical by "revelling" in the "Most" posts. I like Maxmeister as much as Maxlugar, so why did i choose from available nominees? to join in the fun EVERyone was having. Yeah i think sirmoonie is fuckin hilarious and voted for him-- along"with the crowd"-- but now i wish i adn't voted for any one person at all, like FPM and *dande refused to do.

I've been on the receiving end of your generosity, and i know what a good guy you are-- believe me-- but i suppose
we just have differing views as to what "appreciation" is.

And you know, to be honest, you kind of "controlled" Gasland-- and now i see it here.

Honestly, this is a fucking message board, and i'm sorry if i'm not laughing this one off like everything else.

I love ya man. I really do.Don't hate me for explaining how i've felt for awhile now, ok?

01-01-03 02:51 AM
Fiji Joe Can either of you two spare a quarter?...The Pac-Man machine just opened up
01-01-03 03:03 AM
Sir Stonesalot Wait. You voted, and now you regret it. So now take it out on me?

BTW, Dandy voted. In every single category.

I controlled Gasx3? Really? Then why the fuck did I leave if I was "In control"? I left because the place was getting rife with dipshits, it took forever to load, it took forever to read stuff, and the webmaster started going loco.

What you call control, I call, trying to make the place better for everyone. i see someone coming in here and mucking the place up, I fucking hammer them. Why? BECAUSE IT NEEDS DONE.

All I want to do is give people fun little thing to wrap their brains around...kill a few minutes. Is that so wrong? Is wanting to make this place better a bad thing?

I'm me. This is the way I am, and I ain't changing for you, or anyone else.

I'm going to bed.
01-01-03 03:12 AM

Allright, SirStonesalot.

I hear ya-- what i call "control issues" you call "making things better".

That's cool.

We might not be on the same page, but i sincerely appreciate you and the efforts you exert to make this place more fun for people.

It's just that this one really sucked, and i'm in the mood to say it.

I love ya, man. Have a good rest ; )

01-01-03 10:34 PM
gypsymofo60 Well I missed the voting due to Christmas and all, but I think some people have taken a bit of harmless fun way too seriously.....Congrats to all the winners, I don't think anyone could seriously begrudge the winners, and runners up their dues, and I don't think anybody should be made to feel guilty, or regretfull about organising a harmless competition. Come on people, take it for what it is,(some fun, and the chance for someone to display a little generosity by way of prizes.)....Lighten up, and a happy new year to all from deep down under.
01-01-03 11:33 PM
glencar As one who was also unaware of this contest, let me say that I am outraged. Outraged, I tell ya! On an unrelated note, the internet sure does bring out the weirdness in people...
01-02-03 12:50 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Well, I want to thank all who voted for me LOL... I did not get any vote in the "smart" category ...

I agree, this kind of contest use to add some bad feelings, and never will be 100% objective. It's sad that in this case it was another more in that direction when the intention was cool.

But to be objective, I want to thank to all who has particpated posting or just lurking, and specially to those who contributed sending headers, looking for information or news to post here, those who uset to answer stones questions, those who helped with the trees, in this way many of use got some fresh bootlegs for free.

Just remember those headers by Fernando Aceves posted some minutes after the Veterans stadium show ended, those by Stoneslib, Chief Moon, Little Red rooster or PhilA aka SparksWILLFly. Irina has sent more than 200 headers. What about the animations sent by Riverrat and Exile? Poems by Maxlugar. Those fantastic and reliable spoilers by Sergei!

So I want to thank everybody but a special thanks to the following (alphabetical order) who explicitly helped and help to make this place a little bit better each day. All in this list sent something to use it.

I repeat, this is not a ranking of posters, is a humble but deep and sincere THANK YOU to those who sent something to me for all of us to enjoy.


I cannot mention all, but those who post are already in the message board and in the archives as only spam is deleted. So thank you to all who has posted.

As you can see we have people who has sent stuff and has never posted a single message!

I made a very extensive search on my correspondence, sorry if someone is missing, please let me know privately and will add you.

[Edited by VoodooChileInWOnderl]
01-02-03 12:59 AM
Cant Catch Me A well-deserved congratulations to all the winners!

[And to whomever suggested it, was that a group hug in prison or a group hug in unison, 'cuz if you meant in prison I think I'll pass.]
01-02-03 06:35 AM
egon ss, for what it's worth; i thought it was a nice idea.
a nice little contest of no importance at all.
at least not important enough to get worked up about.
it wasn't like we were voting for the next president, prime minister or what have you.
(although it seems people get less upset abouth that!)
so my question; when's the next one?
01-02-03 06:39 AM

Maybe i could ask ubergrupperfurher for a new category of "Most Ignorant".

I'm only kidding-- kinda/sorta--but not really!

~HappYNewYear ergon
01-02-03 09:05 AM
egon ignorant?

by al means, do elaborate.
(and please use simple sentences)
01-02-03 09:23 AM

"Ignorant?" you ask!

If you have to ask, you just answered your own question, pal ; )

01-02-03 09:45 AM
Factory Girl Annie, you have mail.
01-02-03 09:47 AM
egon i had a feeling that was gonna be your response.

so; we've established that i'm ignorant.

now, explain me why?

please, let me drink from you your well of wisdom.

teach me!
01-02-03 09:53 AM

ooooooooooooooooo you and CatchinCold can't really take my Wheaties and truth milk very well can you, what with all that brilliant sarcasm....

...guess im backed up into a corner here, ain't i?

And how to spare feelings..........mmmmmmmmm....gimme a little more time.

I'll get back to you.

~ ; )
01-02-03 10:45 AM
egon i write a simple small post for ss to let him know that i appreciated his efforts.
you reply that i'm ignorant.
that's fine. it's your opinion.
i'm not angry about it, just curious to know why you think that.

on the other hand if this is your way of joking; fine.
i just didn't get it then, but that's probably because i'm ignorant.

01-02-03 10:48 AM
jb I am very disappointed with the results and realize just where I stand on this board...
01-02-03 10:50 AM
F505 JB, it just a disgrace you were not nominated at all. My sincere sympathy.
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