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Topic: ron wood not for beginners Return to archive
12-15-01 05:58 AM
salv97 is this album been released in the united states yet, thank you
12-15-01 06:43 AM
Cardinal Fang No Salv97, it hasn't and doesn't appear to have any US release planned anytime soon. Here is my review of the album with one correction by my friend Gazza.

Why am I doing this? Because I realize that most of you have not had the chance to hear this album yet. The way it's looking without an American record label, it may be a while before you get to. I did it track by track.

Wayside-Nice loose instrumental. Nice acoustic slide guitar

Rock & Roll Star- Yes it's a cover of the Byrds. It starts out with Ronnie speaking the lyrics. He say's, "People ask me, what do I do if I want to be a rock & roll star? I say go out and get a guitar and learn how to play. By the way, what the FUCK are you asking me for? What the FUCK do I know?" Then it launches into a fairly standard cover version with his daughter Leah doing backing vocals.

What Do You Think- This sounds like a long lost Faces track or something. He's singing it with Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics. HE'S :-) singing exactly like Rod Stewart too. Even has a mandolin and pedal steel guitar. I like this one.

This Little Heart-Ronnie sings it with Leah. It has the same drum beat as Time Waits For No One but it has a real nice jazz ballad sort of riff on top of it.

Leaving Here- This is a cover version of the old Holland/Dozier/Holland classic. Ronnie's first band The Birds did a cover of this too. (lot's of bands have. The Who's version is my favorite) This song suits Ronnie's voice very well. I like Ronnie's version and is one of the better songs on this album.

Hypershine-The song starts out with the same drumbeat as Slave or LZ's When The Levee Breaks. It's an instrumental that sounds more like Zeppelin than the Stones.

Are You Behaving-This is another one of those laid back songs that could have been on Steel Wheels or something.

Be Beautiful-For me, this is pretty wild. Ronnie has taken an almost 30 year old song of his and recycled it. He HAS plaguerised his own song "Interludings" off of the Rod Stewart "Never A Dull Moment" album. It's an EXACT copy, only on this version he's added a chorus and a drum AND vocals. It's also longer than it's original 40 seconds.

Wake Up You Beauty-This is an acoustic song with pedal steel guitar that for me goes nowhere mainly because the drumming is REALLY erratic. (In fact, I've played with a few drummers like this)

Interfere- I don't know why but this instrumental reminds me alot of Charlie Rich's Behind Closed Doors. Similar vibe.

Real Hard Rocker-Sounds like the Stones. Some of it reminds me of Might As Well Get Juiced, only with out the Dust Brothers.

Heart,Soul & Body- This sounds very similar to The Fabulous T-Birds, "Tuff Enough" only with not so much ZZ Top " Eliminator " on top.

King Of Kings-This is an acoustic duet with Bob Dylan. Has sort of an "I Am Waiting" feel to it. I like this one too.

I can see why this album has not got an American release. It's too "uncommercial" sounding. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's a nice mellow, loose, surprisingly acoustic, album. I don't think it's as good as Slide On This but hopefully some of you get a chance to hear this album someday.

Later, Cardinal Fang

12-15-01 10:49 PM
CS Great review Cardinal. I haven't heard it yet but I found this review at, not comparable with yours sir

Ronnie Wood
Not For Beginners
Label: SPV
Released: 17/12/01 verdict:

The elegantly wasted guitarist of the Rolling Stones has ventured out on his own and brought out an album of traditional bluesy guitar rock.
Most of us are understandably wary of the popular notion that successful non-lead-singer band members have that to make a solo album is a natural progression and a good idea. Invariably, apart from a few freaks of nature ie. Phil Collins, solo projects are usually exercises in ego gratification involving concepts that never should have seen the light of day. Actually, that includes Phil.

But you'll be relieved to know that this is an exception. Probably because Ronnie hasn't attempted to do anything other than what he's good at - playing good old blues tinged rock'n'roll. His voice sounds like a bucket of gravel but it suits his style. It gets a bit incestuous with his daughter Leah providing vocals and his son Jesse playing a variety of guitars, but neither proves too much of an embarrassment. In fact Leah does herself quite proud on This Little Heart, which is a spookily catchy number that could easily become a staple of the dusty American Midwest.

Ronnie's rendition of Rock & Roll Star has a commendable and enjoyable shambolic feel about it, despite some uneasy vocal slithering between Rod Stewart and Louis Armstrong with a throat problem. It could a figment of the brain filaments but it seems like all the music is just out of beat. Either Ronnie has forgotten how to count or the drummer can't drum in time. Which gives the music a slightly amateurish raw feel, ironically enough.

But that aside, there's a lot here that fans of the early Stones material might enjoy, if they're in a relaxed mood. Bob Dylan makes an appearance on a couple of tracks but it could be anyone freshly graduated from the guitar school, and not necessarily with distinction.

Not For Beginners is what a jam session would sound like in your garage if your dad was Ronnie Wood and his mates were all obliging music legends.

By Melissa Albany

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