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Topic: Come closer, I have a secret.. Return to archive
12-14-01 03:14 PM
Maxlugar I'm jonesin' for a Stonesin' tonight!!

Secret's out!

How 'bout you?
12-14-01 04:30 PM
Joey I would like to clutch you to my bosom , stroke your young sweaty head , and just say thank you for the jonesing .

....Don't the Moon look pretty

....Put a dollar in the Kitty .

Tonight when I chase the Dragon
The water MAY change to cherry wine
And the silver WILL turn to Gold .

Time out of Mind........

Later ,

Joey , C10

12-14-01 09:40 PM
Maxlugar I played Time Waits for No One tonight very, very loud.

And do you know what?

I wept.**

** The above message has been brought to you by The People Advocating Mick Taylors Return To The Rolling Stones Before It's Too Late And The Musicianship Gets Real Ugly And Maxy Weeps For Different Reasons. (Or the TPAMTRTTRSBITLATMGRUAMWFDR, for short)



12-15-01 04:46 PM
Joey What is delicately captured in the above post my Maxy is the joy of the score, the excited revealing of the fresh little baggy of promised good feeling. These ecstatic moments exist precisely between the unsatisfying feelings of the "jonesing," and the reality of being "fucked-up." It's a couple of short-lived manic minutes of anticipation, an instant of "perfection and grace". Time Waits For No One is a precise snapshot of those gleeful yet vaporous few moments early in the night at the score, when you're clear enough to feel happy, joyous anticipation. Taylor's super clean sound and major, bluesy tonalities suggest happiness and clarity of mind.
This song has a sweet poetic funkiness that is more than just an idea but a full musical realization.
If you are able, try to remember (or imagine if you have never been a "doper") how you felt at 5 AM after boozing, coking and partying all night dragging your burnt out ass across some dive's parking lot. This song is NOT about those weird moments.... This song is a splash of happiness in an often criticized body of work. And it's a great, important subject well rendered and rarely addressed.

This blows me away!

I believe I will now Dance Like a Clown .

....and the wind....cries......Taylorrrrrrrrr

Later ,

Joey , C10

12-15-01 06:34 PM
Maxlugar Joey,

Your post penetrated my every pore and only ceased to penetrate farther until it reached the marrow of my Stonesicated bones.

You have elevated your posting to the stuff of legend.

Caw! Caw!

Thanks for, well, being YOU!

12-16-01 05:33 PM
Joey Bless You my Maxy !!!!!

May the good Lord , Shine a light on you !

" ......I cry a river with my Gin soaked liver . "

" Whilst the notes they slink and slither . "

-- Maxlugar 11/30/01 02:43 PM

" Bring Back Mick Taylor ronnie "

Joey , C - 10

12-16-01 06:16 PM
F505 I admit Ronnie Wood doesn't hit a string anymore but I've seen Mick Taylor once play after his Stones-period and it was a disgrace: he completely lost his magic. He's just an ordinary guitarist (who once was great) bringing out poor records. So leave him alone.
12-17-01 12:08 PM
Taras yeah-yeah-yeah, F505 - you are right! But I think that
Mick Taylor never had any magic!!!!!! Do you really think
that he had any magic??????? Who is the f*ck that Mick
Taylor - just good GUITAR PLAYER in past and a man who
replaced Brian when the Glimmer Twins get off him from
the bank, muders... I think nor Ronnie either Mick didn't
brought anything new to the Stones music. Maybe just good
quality guitar playing...but that is only thing that they did... Oh! One thing yet - Ronnie is good companion in
beer drinking, in any case that was said by Keith...
12-17-01 12:37 PM
Maxlugar Well thought and very well said, Taras.

Take the rest of the day off!

And please take more drugs and post tomorrow!


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