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Topic: Push Return to archive
12-13-01 07:53 PM
Joey My Dearest Stonesian Brothers and Sisters.....

I know that Vegas hates pushes , in fact , nobody realizes that more than your young Joey , that is why I must confess that a push is on . No , not another over/under on Steelie , but Vegas is now taking bets on the following :

The Over/Under is 45 in 'the number of days until Mick Taylor rejoins the Stones in the studio ' as the band cuts their next album . I am going with the under on this one . My gut feeling tells me that when the Rolling Stones reconvene the first week of January , both Richards and Jagger will realize that they desperately need Taylor's magic in the studio . If each and everyone of you right now will get down on your knees , cup your left ear and place it against the floor , you can almost hear that gorgeous vibrato of Taylor's crying out to you like the sirens into the rocks ........

The Vibrato Cries for you.......

Will you cry for it ???????

Please , go with the " Under " here and thank your youngster Joey later .

" Lose a steel-toe'd shoe up my Ass Ronnie "

Friction......Friction.......Friction !!!!!!!
12-13-01 09:54 PM
HandofFeet I'd rather have Lazenby back as Bond.
12-13-01 10:31 PM
Cardinal Fang Joey!

Let me give you some friendly advice. As a gambler myself, I can see you still don't understand the concept of the "over/under"

What if Mick Taylor comes back in EXACTLY 45 days. If you bet the Under. YOU LOSE. Because you are saying "Under 45 = 44 days or less". If you bet the Over, you are saying 46 days or more. So if he comes back in 45 days exactly. YOU LOSE EITHER WAY. That's what my friend Sugar Blue meant by Vegas hating pushes. That's why they always add a "1/2" point to all of their spreads.

You will have to make your spread 45 1/2 days

And as a gambler, I will take the OVER. 45 days from today will be January 27th, 2002. Not too likely.

Hey you know that Bob Dylan song 45 days? 45 days, she'll be comin'.......Ronnie did a cover too.

You got to know when to hold 'em, Know when to fold 'em.


12-13-01 10:55 PM
Torn & Frayed
Cardinal Fang wrote:

Let me give you some friendly advice. As a gambler myself, I can see you still don't understand the concept of the "over/under"

But Joey does have a firm grasp on the concept of stealing other people's ideas and then passing them off as his own. I read something about Las Vegas hating pushes somewhere else today. And Joey didn't post it.
12-14-01 12:48 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Ahhhhhh B...that's part of Joey's schtick. Joey's stolen entire pages of stuff from me...just friggin' cuts and pastes, you know? But I take it as a sincere form of flattery. You KNOW you wrote some good shit when Joey steals it from you.'ve got mail.
12-14-01 02:30 AM
F505 Why don't call up Abbot and Costella?
12-14-01 05:44 AM
Cardinal Fang Yeah, Joey has stolen just about everything. I remember when he first started posting and he started calling himself "The Joey" after "some guy" named "The Jimmy W." Thankfully he stopped doing that after a while. I feel pretty fortunate that he hasn't stole as much stuff from me as he has though from Cardinal Ximinez and Max Lugar. I remember the time Joey tried to pass off the Mick Taylor, "The yellow labels spun around The little red tongue wagged out Mick Taylor played the blues And our world has never been the same Seems like 100 years ago
But he's still playing Track him down, give him a listen
The Vibrato Still Cries" as his own. I also remember when somebody else called him on it, Joey tried to deny stealing it and continued to claim that he came up with that. At least Joey doesn't just sit there incoherently babbling and then cut and paste song lyrics or post the umpteenth "My five favorite Stones songs" lists.

Later, Cardinal Fang

"Later", "I gotta bail", "Gotta jet", are copywrite protected and registered trade marks of Cardinal Fang Inc. & Cardinal Fang Ltd. Worldwide 2001. ANY unauthorized use will result in having a lawsuit slapped on your ass so fast it will make your dick spin. (And NOT in a good way either)

"Cardinal Fang" is used EXCLUSIVELY through license and kind permission (sort of) of Terry Gilliam.
12-14-01 08:56 AM
nankerphelge Hey Fangy - nice legal work there.
If you need any help servin that Complaint -- remember the number

12-14-01 09:16 AM
Joey Huh ???? Who ???? Who Me ?????????

It is painfully obvious that I am not a High Roller. Joey is a lousy gambler and stays away from Vegas . However , thanks to the Cardinals , I now understand " Pushes ."

Undercover of the night we are . Hug Me .

" Hit Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

12-14-01 09:52 AM
Maxlugar He just ripped off to things from me right there!

Plus one thing from Temple!

Oh for shame Joey!

"Put a Sony 400 CD player just like the one Maxy just got for his basement bar in mein arse, Ronnie!"

12-14-01 04:17 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Just for the record Jimmy, I use L8r. Not the same as Later. Hence no copywrite infringement.

Cardinal Ximinez is used by kind permission of Michael Palin, and the Pope.

Oh, and in case anyone cares...I made up the whole Beyonce Knowles & Mick thing. If anyone actually took that to be a serious article, written by a real AP reporter, you need to get a life.
12-14-01 08:45 PM
The Eggman Just shuddup, youre too cocky
anything that happens on this boards, u have your big mouth or foot in, just cut it out!
[Edited by The Eggman]
12-15-01 12:15 AM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Eggman, what's your problem? If you don't like me, or the way I do things, or WHATEVER, just friggin' ignore it. Ignore ME. What? You trying to get me to snap on you or something? Lose my cool? Sorry, I'm way past that. I AM cool, so it is impossible for me to lose said cool. I am a better man than you, and it will take far more than childish nagging to bother me in the least. Your comments are meaningless to me, because YOU are meaningless to me.

That said, fire away man. If it makes you feel important to rag on me, be my guest. Go ahead, call me some silly names or something if you think that's what you need to do to validate your manhood. I'm glad I can help.

BTW, this is the last time I respond to anything you have to say.

You are the weakest link, good-bye.
12-15-01 01:24 AM
justinkurian I think the Eggman should go back to school and relearn English. Just my opinion. I'm tired. If anyone is in NYC, give me a holler...
[Edited by justinkurian]
12-15-01 02:41 AM


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