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Topic: Before You watch Mick this evening ...... Return to archive
12-08-01 05:35 PM
Joey My Droogies....

Please watch Mick Jagger this evening on SNL . Hopefully he will appear in some skits as well .

But before you do , please root on LSU in the SEC Championship game . The game starts in two hours and if LSU wins , then Nebraska will play Miami for the National Championship . Oh , and please cheer on Eric Crouch for the Heisman this evening in New York City.

Go Huskers....

Go Mick Jagger.......

" Jai Baba my Royal 1/2 Irish Ass Ronnie "

Joey , C10

12-09-01 03:21 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Joey, you can't be serious. Do you really think Nebraska deserves a shot at a national title when they didn't even make it into the Big 12 championship game? Hell, they didn't even win their DIVISION, let alone their league. I say it should be Oregon. Colorado is the hot team, but they have 2 losses. Oregon only has 1 loss, and they won their league.

If Nebraska ends up in the Rose Bowl, then I have lost all respect for the NCAA, and the BCS would be the biggest joke this side of "Two guys walk into a bar...".
12-09-01 04:49 PM
Cardinal Fang You know what's I think is even FUNNIER than that? The majority of the people who post on this ROLLING STONES board are NOT even from the USA and could give a rat's ass about American college football. Some of the Americans here don't even care. Joey, why not start posting Cricket scores or something? How about Jaialai MVP nominees? This borders on a SDH type of post if you ask me.
12-09-01 10:08 PM
steel driving hammer You wanna go to war? I'll take you to war.

>>>Joey, why not start posting Cricket scores or something?
Because some of us here (including you) don't care about Cricket.
If Borjion posted about Cricket, I wouldn't mind atou.

No one wants to hear about you having to bail so you can go work on your car either.

Give me an example when a SDH post sounding like a NCAA post.

Btw, would you take it up the ass for Mick? Just Curious.
I think I would.
12-10-01 12:54 AM
Cardinal Fang SDH,

Once again you have answered your own question.

It wasn't a question of an NCAA post. It was a question of an inappropriate off topic. Do you REALLY need examples of just how many of those posts you have STARTED or do you really not remember?

For the record, "I gotta bail" is an EXPRESSION, not some detailed account of what I'm doing NOR is it the TOPIC of one of my posts. Plus you did LIKE IT or you wouldn't have stolen it and used it yourself on numerous occasions.

Speaking of your infamous "take it the ass" postings, I have NEVER started some post titled "Cardinal Fang works on his car". I merely mentioned that to YOU (Once) to let you know that I was going to work on my car so that I would be gone a while and not able to get back to you, AS A COURTESY. (All I said was "I gotta go work on my car now")

Just as I answered ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS (which guitar should I buy, are my speakers any good, etc.) AS A COURTESY.

Something I won't do anymore.

Sorry the rest of the board had to read this.
12-10-01 07:11 AM
steel driving hammer >Sorry the rest of the board had to read this.

No your not cause you would emailed it or
chose the private message available the option provided.

But since you chose to blabber on the Main,
Let me guess, thats also out of courtesy?

12-11-01 11:19 AM
Joey Go Huskers..........

Nebraska will beat Miami and Mick Taylor will rejoin the Stones .
12-11-01 12:34 PM
Maxlugar Yeah and I'm sick, SICK, of people stealing ideas and tag lines from me too! That Tap, Tap, Tap thing that Pete Townsend stole from me was the last straw! That little Tap, Tap, Tap thing was the "Gassy" Bird of Happiness coming to let someone know that they had made a great post. He would fly up to your window sil and gently "tap, tap, tap" with his beak against the glass to wake you up. He'd say "I'm the "Gassy" Bird of Happiness here to let you know you have been nominated for a "Gassy award at this years "Gassy's". The "Gassy's" were a much loved awards ceremony held every April in NYC at the Waldorf Astoria and named after another message board. Joey "our own Bill Wyman -the Little Joey that could" still has last years categories and nominees filed away. So anyway, Pete Townsend starts to emulate the "Gassy" Bird's beak with his fingers on his fret board. There he was at MSG Tap, Tap, Tapping away. I couldn't believe it and quite franky I'm hurt.

There I've said it.
12-11-01 01:43 PM
Joey You make Joey smile .

Actually , if a living legend like Townshend is stealing your ideas , imagine what I could do with them .

Hmmmmmmmm !!!!! Joey thinking now !!!!!!!!

I know , it is time to take up the guitar .

Caw....Caw...Caw......on the fret board .

" Tap Me Ronnie "

Joey , C10

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