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Topic: bonus tracks Return to archive
12-05-01 08:11 PM
CocaBuena Does anybody may confirm if the german edition of Goddess In The Doorway has an extra track - which would be "Blue". Also, the Japan edition - if already available - has another track too, that would be "If The Things Could Be Different". Is that correct?

So, let's to second part: Anybody interested in trades?
I need (I mean, I WANT a copy of German CD and another of Japan, original CDs, not CDRs.

In return I can offer Braziliam copies of the same record (Yes, only those 12 tracks that everybody knows ) and/or some extra *unreleased* Rolling Stones and/or Mick or Keith CDRs, in this case, and of course...

ThanX all
12-05-01 11:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl These are the outtakes from the regular album "Goddess in the Doorway" as released everyeher but Japan

Single 1: One track with the single version of Goddess.

Single 2: Single version of Goddess, Blue (The best track) and a great instrumental version of Vision of Paradise.

Japanese album: All tracks including the hidden track and "If Things Could Be Different"

German Vinyl 2-LP set: This is unconfirmed
Track 5. a middley of Hideaway (available on the album) with "Don't Stop Movin' "
Track 6. A middley of "Read My Lips" and "Keep On Jumpin' " both not available at the regular album.

British Vinyl 2-LP set: It only has the 12 tracks of the CD.

I have the 3-tracks single and the Japanese album, if you want I can send it to you as MP3 files, in fact I have the MP3 files before buying the CDs

12-06-01 01:36 AM
The Eggman Hey Voodoo can u send me that a middley of Hideaway (i love that base to the song) in a mp3. format

thx, i wont forget this!

sincerely . (Goo Goo Goo JOOB) ...The Eggman
12-06-01 07:00 AM
CocaBuena Hello Voodoo!

Thanks a lot. Of course I wanna all extra stuff, except "Blue" and "If Things Could Be" Different". I also have both in MP3.

I think you have my e-mail address, but if you don't, now is


12-07-01 12:27 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey CocaMuyBuena and Eggman

If you read again I don't have the German 2-LP, I even wrote that those tracks are unconfirmed. According to a friend at eil, he has not received the album but he was informed about only 12 tracks for the British LP and the same rumours for the German vinyl, but that album is not on sale in (German Amazon)

Anyway I'm going to e-mail you the instrumental version of Goddess in the Doorway.
12-09-01 09:12 AM
Bob Tamp Voodoochile, I would love to hear the other songs you got. I do have Blue and what a shame it is for him to leave it off the album.
My e-mail address Bob
12-09-01 12:17 PM
yellow1 I'd be interested in the instrumental versions of Goddess In The Doorway and Visions OF Paradise. Any chance you could convert these to a 160 or 192kbps mp3 ?
12-12-01 11:34 PM
SlackerZ I only have blue, if thing could be different, and the instrumentel goddess if someone can send me the ones i don't have i would be really apreciated!! =)
i have an email in yahoo that gives me 5 megas i think
Thanks anyone could help me =)
12-12-01 11:38 PM
SlackerZ Sorry my email is
Please send to this email =)

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