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Topic: Mick and Keith remember George Return to archive
11-30-01 08:56 PM
Fedepeti Mick Jagger And Keith Richards Remember George Harrison
(11/30/01, 5 p.m. ET)

As news of Thursday's (November 29) death of George Harrison spread through the music world, Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards issued the following statements.
Jagger spoke of Harrison's pioneering musicianship, saying, "I am very saddened by George's death and will miss him enormously. As a guitarist, he invented many classic lines that were much copied by others, and he wrote several very beautiful songs that we will always remember. He was a very complex character, both quiet and funny with a very sweet nature, but he also could be rather combative at times. He was the first musician I knew who developed a truly spiritual side and he was generous with his time to both charity and to friends."

Richards said of his musical kinship with Harrison, "To me--George was, always will be, above all, a real gentle-man, in the full meaning of the word. We both felt we held similar positions in our respective bands, which formed a special knowing bond between us. Let's hope he's jamming with John (Lennon)."

-- Sue Falco, New York

11-30-01 10:05 PM

Yes, that's a Keith quote on the real.
12-02-01 02:45 PM
Miss U. It's BRIAN, not Keith who identified with Harrison's position in the band!!!!!!!!

RIP Harrison & Jones, together again.
12-02-01 03:23 PM
Cardinal Ximinez Hey Miss U!

I don't think Keith meant to denegrate Brian or anything. Evidently, Keith and George shared a special bond, and Keith was just expressing it. Unfortunately, Brian's not here to give us a quote. I imagine it would have been similar to Keith's. Now that I think about it, musically speaking, Brian and George did share some commonality between them. The influence of exotic cultures and music, the sitar, etc. I don't see much similarity personality-wise, but certainly musically.
12-03-01 06:57 PM

Well said, Mr.Ximinez!!!!

Thanks for the "clarity"-- yet again...
12-03-01 10:02 PM
Miss U. George Harrison has said that he and Brian both shared similar positions in their respective bands and this deepened their bond. No mention of Harrison joining Brian in that quote; wonder why.
12-04-01 10:28 AM
Cardinal Ximinez My guess as to why there was no mention of Brian is that Brian is dead and buried. Out of sight, out of mind you know? I'm not saying that's right or wrong, I just think that's why no one is talking about the parallel between Brian & George. Like I said before, I think Brian and George had many musical parallels, and they compare well. But we can't call Brian up for a quote, you know what I mean? If Brian were still with us, I'm sure people would want his opinions and comments on George's passing. But again, I don't think Keith or Mick had any kind of ulterior motive for their comments, they were just expressing their feelings. I guess that Brian is so far in their past that they just don't think about him much anymore.
12-05-01 04:42 PM
Miss U. Out of site=out of mind? Then why did he mention Lennon?

The man who founded the Stones...

Anyway, thx for your insights.
12-17-01 05:10 PM
Mother baby "you don't know what you've got till it's gone" Let's Give the Stones a Great 40!!!!!"

Yeah this post was trying to cram too much rambling thought into too small of a space. (To answer the person below, yeah 911, but thats all quite beyond my comprehension therefore I can't comment on it. I suppose she's right though.)

[Edited by Mother baby]
12-17-01 05:17 PM
Joey Why didn't Keith mention the great Mick Taylor ??????

Talk about a snub .

12-18-01 07:32 AM
FujiSaki "And the Passing Of Harrison is the story of the year as far as I'm concerned..."

uhh September 11th?

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